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Who Invented Yoga Pants?



Who Invented Yoga Pants?

What are yoga pants?

Yoga originated in ancient India and aim to control and still mind. In another saying,  yoga is a mind and body practice. There are 8 major yoga styles, and various yoga styles combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and else. 

Yoga pants are designed for yoga practice, they are stretchable, buttery soft, always stay tight and still, not supposed to roll down, and what is more important, they are made from moisture wicking fabrics.

Yoga pants vary by length, color and styles, none yoga pant are supposed to be see through, and they are supposed to endure heavy wear, such as Astanga yoga. Yoga pants help you maintain comfortable during workouts with help from its adopted sweat wicking technique, which is very useful to maintain temperature.

Who invented yoga pants?

There are different opinions toward this question. One of the most widely accepted opinion is that the first pair of yoga pants appeared in market in 1997, sold by a well-know brand in this niche. Thanks to the widespread adopted fabric – Lycra, yoga pants win a great deal of fans by its excellent quality. Yoga pants provide the stretch and softness needed to manage all those sweat during lengthy session on the mat. Yoga pants become more and more popular as celebrities wear them as daily routine.

American chemist Joseph Shivers, who invented spandex (sold under the brand name Lycra) in 1958. Joseph played an important role as Lycra is a major fabric when it comes to active pants. Lycra, similar as spandex, is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. Yoga pants made from Lycra are super stretchable, for workouts like yoga, Lycra pants are just the right pair.  

Why are yoga pants important? What are the advantages of yoga pants?

Yoga pants have multiple benefits that attracts millions of buyers all over the world. Wearing yoga pants are trendy nowadays, people wear them to workout and in daily life. 

  • Wearing yoga pants make working out more comfortable and help prevent overheating;
  • Yoga pants are super cozy, like your second skin;
  • They are super stretchable, help handling all sorts of poses;
  • Simple, stylish and trendy these days;
  • Remain so after repeated wash;

Yoga Pants Types?

When it comes to yoga pants shopping, a person might have the following consider:

  • Available colors
  • Styles
  • Lengths
  • Thickness
  • Whether there are pockets
  • Customer reviews

Yoga pants com in a variety of styles, cuts, lengths and materials. Knowing major yoga pants types will help your organization with such. 

  • Tight yoga pants

Tight yoga pants are major yoga pants style in the market. Finding a pair of tight yoga pants is never easier. Tight yoga pants even help you reduce stress.

  • Loose fit yoga pants

There is always a sense of relief that you feel when you put on comfortable clothes, and loose fit yoga pants are going to bring you this feeling. A lot of people love loose fit yoga pants and over million pairs of loose fit yoga pants sold out both online and in store.

  • Yoga shorts

Yoga shorts, also called yoga biking shorts, they are very popular among bicycle lovers as they expose more skin to maintain body temperature during sweaty cycling.

  • Pattern yoga leggings

Pattern yoga leggings come with various print, they are very cute. If you are looking a new style to refresh your closet, print yoga leggings are good options.

  • Maternity yoga pants

Maternity yoga pants are designed for pregnant women, some of them features tummy control. I bet for those mother-to-be, maternity yoga pants are very good option to stay comfortable during pregnant time. Being made from breathable fabrics, maternity yoga pants provide belly support for women.

First of all, the yoga pants market has increased through the popularity of yoga. As people becoming more enthusiasm for sports, more and more women, even some men, fall in love with yoga practice. 

Second, many women wear yoga pants as casual every dress nowadays. Yoga pants are not limited within yoga classes, they make a great part for daily wear. Some even wear yoga pants to office.

Third and the most important reason. People love wearing yoga pants. Take myself as an instance, yoga pants are the most comfortable pants I ever had so far, I can wear yoga pants all day, and I do not think I am the only case.

Last, the widely adopted fabric like chiffon, spandex and else make yoga apparel manufacture much easier than before, and cost of a pair of yoga pants become as low as $10 to $50.