A Note from Holmes W.

the girl who started this yoga wear and activewear brand for women

We started Yooooga apparel a year ago with one simple premise: Every yoga practicer deserves a quality suit at a fair price. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, but that guiding principle hasn’t changed.

As many of you, I love yoga very much, to name just a few of its benifits: yoga increases your flexibility, helps you to build strength, reduce weigh and stress, and etc. These are the reasons why we need comfortable yoga pants.

Today we have a whole range of yoga wear and personal care essentials which are honestly priced, you will love them.

decent fabric of yoga apparel
decent fabric of yoga apparel
well made yoga apparel

We worked with decent yoga apparell manufacturers that are very serious with their products, eusuring every yoga clothes you buy from us worth each penny spent. We are confident about our products because….

1  –  Made of selected high quality fabric with GSM of 220g, creating a smooth and extreme comfortable feeling;

2  –  Well manufactured by hands of workers with years of experiences on sports clothes making;

3  –  100% covered Quality Control policy to ensure every yoga cloth you receive worth the money and time spent.