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Best Affordable Sports Bra for Every Workout

We have rounded up the most stylish, low-medium-high impact sports bra for your practice, ahead, you will find 6 best sports bra for every workout [...]

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What is Kundalini

For both fresh and advanced yogis, chances are you might have heard of the term of Kundalini and Kundalini yoga before. Kundalini yoga is a [...]

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Why Rocket Yoga Rocks?

What is rocket yoga? Rocket yoga, the original power yoga, is a dynamic and fast-paced style of yoga that combines traditional Ashtanga yoga with elements [...]

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10 Backbend Yoga Poses for Beginners

Backbend yoga poses are an essential part of yoga asana practice, they seem to be very difficult to perform. [...]

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Yoga Alignment 101

What is yoga alignment? Yoga alignment indicates how your body is presented in yoga postures. It is not about creating picture like perfect pose, it [...]

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5 Yoga Poses for Root Chakra Balance

What is Root Chakra? Chakras act as spinning wheels of energy that create your body’s natural energy system and life force, they help to regulate all on a [...]

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What Is Slow Flow Yoga? Slow Flow Yoga Sequence for Beginners

Slow flow yoga is a low impact, low intensity yoga style that is ideal for beginners, younger practitioner and elderly yogis. The best about slow [...]

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Should I Practice Yoga Before or After Workout

Almost all people who are interested in yoga has probably had some crossover into the fitness world, or vice versa. Whether you’re trying to build [...]

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4 Tips on Setting A Realistic Weight Loss Goal

When it comes to weight loss strategy, it is crucial to set up a realistic weight loss goal, because your whole actionable plan is based [...]

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How to Do Threading the Needle Stretch

Threading the Needle Stretch is a stretch pose that opens the shoulders and stretches the spine. It helps to release tension in the neck, shoulder [...]

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10 Best Yin Yoga Poses for Deep Relaxation

Yin Yoga practice features primarily floor based postures that target the deeper connective tissues of the lower body. The practice of holding a pose for [...]

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Why Is Yoga So Hard and Tips for Beginners

I still remember my first month of yoga sessions, it was miserable. Why is yoga so hard? I asked my teacher, she giggled and told [...]

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4 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

If you are inspired by the fun and joy reflected from interesting 4 person yoga poses, it can not hurt to try them with your [...]

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8 Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga

There are many benefits of Bikram yoga, some of which are similar to other yoga styles, and some of which are unique to Bikram yoga [...]

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Side Lying Pose, A Relaxing Yoga Pose

Side lying pose is also called as side corpse pose, is a relaxing yoga pose, done with lying on the side of your body right [...]

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40 Self Love Quotes to Boost Self Esteem

Adopting self love quotes as a tool for mental resilience or recovery is wise and often necessary for those handling anxiety and stress. [...]

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Why Is Yoga So Hard?

Is yoga difficult for beginners? Yes, both physically and mentally.  After my first yoga session, I have decided it just was not gonna happen. I [...]

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What to Wear to Hot Yoga?

What is hot yoga? Hot yoga is practiced in a room that is heated 25 to 35 degrees Celsius (95 to 100 F), while under [...]

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Why Does Stretching Feel Good?

Yoga physical postures involves stretching more than other low impact workouts like Taichi, Qigong or else. Stretch your body thoroughly, correctly helps improve flexibility and [...]

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Basic 3 People Yoga Poses

While solo yoga offers tremendous physical, mental and emotional health benefits, 3 people yoga helps to develop lasting connections with others [...]

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The Best Yoga Headbands for Woman of 2021

First of all, let me raise the important question? Why you need wear a yoga headband during athletic activities? Because A sports headband will keep [...]

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10 Yoga Kneeling Pose Ideas for Beginners

Kneeling pose is an important yoga pose type, practice kneeling yoga poses are proven to improve balance, flexibility and strength. [...]

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What Are the 12 Chakras

What Is A Chakra? Chakras are ‘energy centers’ within the human body, they help to regulate all on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It [...]

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What Does Namaste Mean?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word meaning “I humbly bow to you / I bow to you”, but in daily life, there are many interpretations of [...]

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Which Types of Yoga Should You Choose?

If you feel confused by all the different classes at your local yoga studio? Read on to get introduction of different types of yoga and [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Yoga Inversions

Yoga inversions are a kind of yoga pose that your body is turned upside down with your head below, inverted either by your heart and hips or by your heart [...]

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7 Entry Level Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Time to be honest, life is full of fair share of stressors, from jobs, marriage, to family responsibility, commutes and more. Thankfully, we can turn [...]

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Pros and Cons of Steady State Cardio for Fat Loss

What is Steady State Cardio? Steady state cardio is aerobic exercise maintaining low to moderate intensity that can be sustained for an extended period. By low [...]

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How Many Bottles of Water a Day

To start with, people consume water from many sources, not just by drinking it, though that obviously is the most common way to stay hydrated. [...]

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How Often Should You Do Yoga to See Benefits?

This is a frequently asked question - how often should you do yoga to see benefits? Well, before address to this question, let us see [...]

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Hand Yoga and 6 Poses to Benefits Hands, Fingers and Wrists

Hand yoga is referring to certain yoga postures that exercise your finger, hands and wrists, it is also referring to specific hand gestures, aiming to [...]

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What to Eat Before Hot Yoga? What to Eat After Hot Yoga?

The general rule for most practitioners is that there is no eating two hours before class. This helps to get rid of painful digestive problems. [...]

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8 Tips to Avoid Knee Pain from Yoga

Knee pain from yoga are mainly related to one of the ligaments of the knee, or imbalanced muscles or the menisci. [...]

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