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Shopping Guide for Flare Yoga Pants



Flare Yoga Pants

Why buying flare yoga pants?

Needless to say, you have grow some interests in flare yoga pants and are looking for shopping tips on flare leggings, otherwise you will not be reading me. 

Wide leg yoga pants are relatively harder to find than normal yoga leggings, still, they are out there, yoga apparel manufactures make nice, sleek bootleg yoga pants that are super stretchable, comfortable, ultra stylish. They are not just for gym or yoga practice, it is easy to blend in your daily outlook too, simply grab a fashion-forward tee or cropped tops, and you have prepared yourself a cozy and cool set.  

When you are looking for flare yoga pants, there are 3 things to consider, and we have got you covered. From capri flare yoga pant to full length bootleg yoga leggings, continue reading. 

  • Length
  • Style
  • Color

There are capri, 7/8, and full length flare leggings

Capri flare yoga pants

Among all wide-leg pants, capri flare yoga pants give the most freedom for always “on the move” workouts like dancing. Unlike full length flared pants, capri flare yoga pants allow more skin exposure, which is good for sweaty exercises.

Besides, with both wide legs lays just beneth your knees, making you look very cute while on the move.

Capri flare yoga pants are best choice for those who want more skin exposure. You do not have to compromise being cut and comfortable at all.

7/8 length flare yoga pants

7/8 length is slightly shorter than full length. For 7/8 leggings, they have an inseam which is 1/8th shorter than a full-length style.

However, for most of the time, 7/8 length flare yoga pants donot make much difference in terms of length with full length ones, as they both have flared legs near ankle that blocks your eyesight.

For yogis who want to buy full length or 7/8 length flared pants, do not give much attention on their length, move your concens to color, style and else.

Full length flare yoga pants

For most times, full length flared pants extend longer than your whole legs, they even coverd your heels in some cases, which is perfect for lounger or casual occasions, not so perfect for yoga practice.

Full length flare yoga pants are very popular among yogis, because they are very easy to gear up and gives a cool touch combine with almost any sorts of tops. I would go for full length flared pants if i am heading a casual date or shopping or else, but not a yoga class, lol

There are open / split legs yoga pants

Open leg yoga pants and spllit leg leggings

Open leg yoga pants is trending back obviously, after years of sticking with ordinary skinny yoga pants, a pair of wied -leg leggings might flash your eyes a lot. Sometimes, split leg pants just enchance this feeling.

There is not much difference between open or split leg yoga pants, my advice would be just follow your hunch and pick a style, it is that easy.

High rise flare pants and mid rise flare yoga pants

Most of the time, high rise flare pants are much more common among flared pants, as leggings ususally adopts high waist design to make your legs look slimmer and longer.

Tips: for people have a long waist like me, pick high waisted leggings for sure, wearing high waisted flare yoga pants will make you look taller by adjusting waist line.

There are solid color flare yoga pants and others

Solid color flare yoga pants are absolutely your most safe choice, especially plain black leggings, it is basic, classic and pair them with any tops will work. Like hoodie.

1-Black flare yoga pants with hoodie

2-Nude pink flare yoga pants are very popular as well

With a white cropped sports bra, and a pair of converse, there you go.

3-Forest flare yoga pants are my second favorite

As I found them very easy to pair with my basic style yoga tops.

4-Heather gray flare yoga pants are versatile with all sorts of yoga shirts

Heather gray flared leggings are perfect to pair with nude yoga tanks. Heather gray is said to be the new black, you will like them.

Never stop hunting for new styles, looking good, feeling comfortable are important during workouts, also, discover new styles would bring you a fresh feeling during hard working workout, do you like my post? More coming.

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