How to Style Flare Yoga Pants?

What is flare yoga pants?

This is Kaia Gerber wearing flared yoga pants, let me be one of the thousands who would say – cute pants! This flare yoga pants hug through the thighs and taper our increasingly from knee to ankle, your eyes are drawing vertically which will visually elongate the legs.

Flared yoga pants are more flattering these days, I have to admit. The fabrics are better, and the waist and rise are higher which combine make it a more flattering piece than ordinary tight yoga pants.

Technically, flare yoga pants are not limited within yoga class, people wear wide leg pants everywhere. I used to remember one of my yoga class fellow love flared pants so much that she have a lot of them in every color and shadow in her closet. Her enthusiasm about flared leggings extend to  her daily look. And she is very good at pairing flare yoga pants with other styles.

Are flare yoga pants back in trends?

Absolutely yes. Seems out of no where, people from veteran fashion editors to the rising Gen-Zs start to wear flared yoga pants and love to talk about flare leggings. We see over a million photos jump out when type in flare yoga pants in search bar on Pinterest.

The great thing about modern flared yoga pants is their quality and versatility.  High rise flare yoga pants are very popular among all flare leggings. They are perfect for lounging around.

It is no surprise that flare yoga pants are back in trends. Flare yoga pants adds a graceful, curved silhouette that can accentuate your feminine figure. They can be a miracle worker by making you visually look more slimmer. 

How to style flare yoga pants?

When it comes to flare yoga pants pairing, it is not that easy to achieve a refresh look. The key principal is go for similar styles.  I am going to give reference for each look.

When styled flare yoga pants with basic fashion pieces, like with oversize sweatshirts, sleek jackets, or nothing but a knit bralette, the outcome is — lovely and cozy.

Flare yoga pants with sweater or hoodie is a perfect look to go out for a casual date, pick one of those solid color flare yoga pants with a colorful hoodie or sweater will do well.

If you are feeling confident, pair flare yoga pants with a tight top like crop top of tank, and layer up with a leather jacket, like VEJA classic jayne jacket will make a perfect look for almost any occasions.

Wide leg yoga pants and off the shoulder tee also is a classic and cute look. The off the shoulder design enhances feminine attractiveness and neutralize  the casual feeling, they combine to create a cozy look.

Let us not forget the spirit of aesthetic apparel, flare yoga pants pair well with yoga sports bra. This look is perfect for yoga class, dance class and other workouts too. Imagine when you are doing poses, how flare legs dance with your movement, is not that cute?

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