4 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

There are thousands of millions of yoga practitioner across the world. And it is a proved fact that practice yoga can make you stronger both mentally and physically. It is a great way to get flexible and energetic. What about four times of that benefits? Yoga does not have to be a solo quest, group yoga is a playful and practical workout to build trust and relationship among partners, friends, parents and else. 

If you are inspired by the fun and joy reflected from interesting 4 person yoga poses, it can not hurt to try them with your friends or fellow students from yoga session. Read on to get to know the definition, benefits and step by step guides on group yoga and 4 person yoga poses, you will love it.

What is group yoga?

4 person yoga poses, also known as Acro Yoga or Group Yoga, involve two, three, four or more people working together to perform yoga poses. Rather than every yogi performing a specific pose alone, as in traditional yoga practice, the practitioner in group yoga each form a different limb of one bigger pose or assist each other in the poses. Group yoga practice combines yoga’s physical and mental benefits with acrobatics’ teamwork and trust-building aspects

Why practice group yoga? What are the benefits of group yoga?

Apart from all the benefits of solo yoga practice, group yoga benefits every member in the following ways:

1. The process of doing 4 person yoga poses help building trust among group members

2. Increasing cooperative stretches and flexibility while having fun

3. Enhancing body weight awareness and improving mental health

4. Creating a sense of connection that is solid and joyful

How do you do yoga poses with 4 people?

First, the most important thing is gathering a group people to practice yoga with, start with fellow students from the same yoga class.

Second, thoroughly communicate before practice, make sure everyone is cooperative and be prepared

Third, start with basic 4 person yoga poses, warm up before getting to 4 person yoga poses, such as 4 person plank, 4 person boat pose, 4 person yoga tree pose

Inspirations and ideas on 4 people yoga poses for beginners

4 person yoga poses can not be boring, can not be difficult, must require certain level of cooperation, the throne pose, the pyramid pose and the star pose are perfect 4 people yoga poses for beginners.

The Throne Pose: A seated pose while one participant sits on the other’s thigh at the same time holding each other’s hands: 

From its name tells, the throne pose is deemed to be a beginner-friendly four-person yoga pose as it is relatively easy to perform and maintain. The throne pose is very good for building trust and communication within members while providing stability and grounding.

The first person sitting on the thigh can also benefit from the support of the others, helping to improve their posture and balance.

The Pyramid Layering Pose: is a standing stance in which two people support one another on their hands and feet.

This pyramid pose is relatively advanced than the throne pose, as it requires a lot of trust and communication between all members. The first person seated on the thigh can gain additional support from their participants, which can enhance others’ posture and balance. This pose can help build strength and balance and increase trust and communication within 4 participants.

The 4 Limp Star Pose: – Also a seated pose where all four members sit in a circle and reach out to hold one another’s hands:

The star pose is a great pose to promote unity and connection within 4 people. As well as the throne pose, this star pose is an effortless and easy-to-hold pose, making it a good option for beginners. 

The seated position to form a star and the act of holding hands help to boost a sense of relaxation for all 4 people.

Final words for beginners eager to try 4 people yoga poses

Yoga Poses for 4 Person is a great and challenging exercise that combines yoga’s physical and mental benefits with the teamwork and trust-building aspects of acrobatics. It is also a great way to meet mind-liked people who share interests on yoga practice.

This practice can improve coordination and balance, increase energy, strength and flexibility, enhance awareness of cooperation, and create a sense of community and connection.

Just remember, you can not rush a practicer, starting with basic beginner 4 person yoga poses and gradually increasing the difficulty level is crucial, just like proper yoga wear give you enough support to boose workout performance. Do not forget to communicate clearly, establish trust, and always practice safety.

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