Best Affordable Sports Bra for Every Workout

For female exercisers, invest in sports bras can literally make or break your workout. A sports bra made from moisture wicking and soft fabric ensures comfortability during exercise. As a matter of fact, we are facing with numerous choices when buying activewear, it is actually more practical to buy sports bra in store. However, online shopping managed  to get rid of too many trouble for us, and it is risk free to shop in stores with return warranty policy. The only problem left is finding the suitable piece.

We have done some of the leg work for you. But first things first, let’s take a look at what we are supposed to look for in a sports bra.

What to look for in a sports bra?

Finding an ideal sports bra that offers everything a workout woman needs can be more of a challenge than a regular bra, especially with limited budget. There are plenty to consider before hit the buy button, such as style, support level, design, fabric and etc..

Design and style

1. Sports bra with removable paddings offer the freedom totake off cups in hot weather, while compression sports bra features molded cups that are focus on a snug fit.

2. Pull on closure sports bra proved to be more difficult to put on and off than sports bra with hook and eye closure or zip front closure, this is especially true when you are sweaty after workout.

3. Strappy back sports bra features an aesthetic elevation, and classic racerback design often stands for high level of supports to the breasts. 

4. Other style aspects including: design of strap, neckline, color and else.


Comfort is the most essential factor when shopping for a sports bra. Because everybody wants to feel comfortable during workouts. While comfort can be subjective, support is a little more calculable. 

Impact level

A high impact sports bra is specially designed to provide maximum support during high impact workouts like jumping, running and HIIT. They hold your breasts in place in intensity exercises. On the other hand, low impact sports bra offers relatively less support, some of them features open back, thin strap and low neckline, making the wearer looking good and stay motived for workouts.


Light weight and medium weight Fabric that contains chiffon, spandex, lycra and polyester are perfect for making workout clothes. As they are moisture wicking, stretchable while remain buttery soft. In most cases, medium weight fabric prove to be more non-see-thru than light weight fabric. 

We have rounded up the most stylish, low-medium-high impact sports bra for your practice, ahead, you will find 6 best affordable sports bra for every workout that deserve to invest.

Best overall: Oxblood strappy back longline sports bra

Best low impact: Light Blue Low Support Open Back Yoga Bra

Best medium impact: Color Block Y Back Sports Bra in White

Best high impact sports bra: Red Sports Bra Front Closure

Best 2-in-1 sports bra tank: Loose Fit Sports Bra Tank Top in White

Best halter sports bra: Longline Backless Sports Bra in Cream Yellow

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