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What Goes With Blue Yoga Pants?




People love blue yoga pants, unlike classic black and white, blue yoga pants bring the feeling of peace, softness and delightful. As we are stepping into spring, blue yoga pants are becoming more popular. 

A lot of celebrities wear blue yoga pants before and after gym. There are a lot of options when it comes to yoga pants, such as neutral hues, pattern leggings, bright color series, and else. I bet blue yoga pants must have left a deep impression among so many yoga pants styles. Blue yoga pants have a long list of celebrity fans, and for good reasons. 

For instance, Sara Sampaio was spotted with a nice pair of blue yoga pants after workout.

Alessandra Ambrosio looked chic with a baby blue set of yoga apparel.

Kendall Jenner was photoed with royal blue yoga pants.

Laura Marano wearing light blue sports bra and blue yoga pants.

Why blue yoga pants?

It is not rare to see people wearing yoga pants in public, among those classic tight black leggings, blue yoga pants looks cute and distinguished. There are so many reasons why choosing blue yoga pants, and they are enlisted as following.

  • Comfortable to wear: blue yoga pants are well stretchable and snug to our body, making them very comfortable to wear.
  • Squat proof: well made blue yoga pants ensures squat proof during all day.
  • Beautiful color shade: there are so many shades of blue yoga pants in market, light blue yoga pants are the most common options for shoppers.
  • Trending style: as shown on google search trends, blue yoga pants continue to grow among female yoga practicers.
  • Wick moisture: like all well made yoga pants, blue yoga pants shall keep you cool during yoga practice as they wick sweats fast and effectively.
  • Boost yoga performance: a pair of blue yoga pants, especially a set of yoga sports bra and blue yoga pants, will make your look chic and cute, I believe this will boost your exercise performance.
  • Easy to dress up: unlike ordinary black yoga leggings, blue yoga pants are much easies to dress up, simple pair yoga pants with sports bra of the same color, a set of blue yoga bra and yoga pants will never go wrong.

Principals on how to style blue yoga pants?

For something that is about to wear in spring and summer, that is where blue yoga pants should slide into. Although there are many celebrities love blue yoga pants, and a lot of brands are selling them, it is not easy to dress up with blue yoga pants. 

This is especially true when you intend to head straight from your last yoga pose to brunch, which requires your look to fit both occasions, not easy, right? Blue yoga pants can easily be dressed up and down and at the same time keep you comfortable all day long. There are a few principals you should follow on how to style blue yoga pants.

  • Mind of shade of color: pick the right shade of color of blue yoga pants. There are so many shade of blue color, like royal blue, light blue, baby blue, sky blue and etc. one blue is totally different from the other.
  • Color of tops matters: select those colors that go with blue yoga pants, you will find inspirations on the following paragraph. To be short and clear, black, brown, white, heather grey and light yellow all go well with blue yoga pants.
  • Shop for well known brands: pick well known brands for blue yoga pants, as they are more likely to be quality guaranteed. Blue yoga pants that are made from quality, soft fabric are feel like butter against your skin, once you put them on, you may not want to take them off again.
  • Loose fit tops is the key: if you do not intend to wear a set of blue yoga apparel, pick loose fit top styles that go with tight blue yoga pants. As easily be seen, tight bottom should go well with loose fit tops. However, if you are confident with your body, tight tops with tight blue yoga pants will go amazing too, you get to give a try.

Colors that go with blue yoga pants

As the one of most classic colors, black can be paired with anything, certainly including blue yoga pants. If you have no idea what to wear when matching with other colors, black would be the best choice, which not only shows your taste, but also reveals your dignity. Black top with blue yoga pants almost fits for everyone.

  • If you deem that black is too solemn and old-fashioned, another bright color white would satisfy you. No a woman doesn’t like white which represents purity and romance. White is an energetic color, which makes people feel cool and comfortable. White jacket goes with blue yoga pants, which makes you very youthful, suitable for the ones who pursue simplicity and elegance.
  • Brown, a fashionable color, is great for displaying your unique personality and taste. Paired with blue yoga pants, brown is a good option for someone with the sense of fashion.
  • While colors above are always good bet, other great options including navy blue, pink and purple also work well. The decisive factor which color you choose is what look you need. For a formal outfit, black and white are great choices to go with blue yoga pants. For a casual look, other bright colors can be your options.

Tops to wear with blue yoga pants

Put on an oversized T-shirt or sweater which covers most thighs to make your yoga pants is not like sportswear. You can wear a pair of tight yoga pants below. Oversized shirt or sweater with tight yoga shorts is a perfect combination in the warm streets. You can dress up like this to have brunches or go to casual parties. Even though this combination is casual, it makes a noticeable presentation allowing you to show off your legs. If you want to style this suit, put on a high boot. Wearing a pair of sunglasses and some jewelry can add more visual interest.

If you are proud of your bonny and sexy abdominal muscle, please wear a crop top paired with high-waisted yoga pants without hesitation. High-waisted yoga pants not only highlight hip and thigh, but also help hide swollen belly, letting you look thinner. Besides, compared with low waist, high waist provides more covering range. According to your preference, you can match yoga pants with a cropped vest, transparent top, high-necked top or camisole top. If you don’t have crop tops, please consider trimming the bottom of a long shirt to the length you need, choosing high-waisted pants also.

Any color paired with tight sweater dress is like peanut butter paired with jelly, especially in cold weather. A loose sweater dress on the top with tight yoga pants underneath gives people an impression of slimmer and taller shape, keeps you warm and comfortable as well. If you wear yoga shorts under sweater dress, please put on tight-boot to keep your legs warm. This outfit not only make you look stylish but also keep you warm.

How to style up blue yoga pants for fall and winter

When it comes to the clothing which can show on any occasions, leggings are the first ones you can consider. But what do we wear on top of leggings or yoga pants, especially in fall and winter?

When you walk on the streets, wearing a cargo jacket paired with sports bra, high-waisted yoga pants, sunglasses and a handbag, this look will make an impression. The jacket is a versatile item in your closet, which can match with all different clothes with kinds of styles, keep you warm on the streets in fall or winter.

Oversized sweater paired with yoga pants is also a stylish and warm look as we mentioned above. This comfortable and casual look is your perfect choice in any places.

Another great option is an oversized, super comfy hoodie which looks like a boy. No matter when you have brunch with your friends, or go to work, a hoodie paired with yoga pants makes you a low key and casual person.

It is for sure that no matter what clothing paired with yoga pants, the sports bra or yoga bra is the necessary match. If you want to stand out, some accessories including sunglasses, handbags, belts or necklaces will be essential.

As for blue yoga pants, you can refer to the first part we mentioned to choose the color you like. There is always one for you.