• Reasons on why do my leggings fall down
  • How to prevent leggings from falling down?

Leggings are considered one of the most comfortable clothes to wear in workout and daily life. However, some of our leggings may tend to slide down. To figure out why do my leggings fall down will help prevent leggings from falling down. There are many reasons causing leggings fall down and we offer some tips to solve this problem.

Reasons on why do my leggings fall down

1. Wrong size

Measurements varies by makers, sometimes it is difficult to pick the right size of leggings or yoga pants. In this case, it is important to choose a retailer that provide with free return policy, and yooooga.com is such an online retailer. 

2. Worn out elastic waistband

Elastic waistband is the key to your leggings stay put, and worn out elastic waistband will do the job anymore. Also, repeated wash may cause worn out elastic waistband.

3. Low quality fabric

Poor fabric tend to lose stretch quickly, they start to stretch, pull, or degrade into smaller fibers. The breaking elastic fibers is a common reason why leggings start to slide down.

4. Low rise waist leggings

Low rise waist leggings are bound to slide down, since they are already half way there, and gravity see its change to take over. Also, movement of any kind will just help gravity along the way.

How to prevent leggings from falling down?

1. One size down

Order one size down when shopping for leggings is a simple but effective way to stop leggings from falling down. Remember to check the return policy and consider buying two sizes and return one of them.

2. Choose high waisted leggings

High waist leggings are much less likely to slide down as they cover the abdominal area that are most likely to expand, preventing leggings from sliding down.

3. Try leggings with brushed and compressed fabrics

Leggings made from compressed fabrics have a good grip on the body as they provide sufficient supports during high impact workouts,  but they are not as comfortable as regular soft fabrics. If you are looking for leggings for daily wear, pass this one.

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