Yooooga One Shoulder Bra vs Lululemon Align Asymmetric Bra, Two Light Support Bra Compared

In this post I am going to personally review two popular light support yoga bra, they are Yooooga one shoulder bra and Lululemon align asymmetric bra. While Lululemon bras are consistently favored by consumers. The brand Yooooga is loved for its wide range of yoga wear, reliable quality and affordable price.

I wear both bra for yoga sessions to uncover the good and the not so good, within each yoga bra, I evaluated:

  • Price
  • Style and cut
  • Material and moisture management
  • Ease to put on and take off
  • Support level
Yooooga One Shoulder Bra vs Lululemon Align Asymmetric Bra, Two Light Support Bra Compared

Product review

I wore both bras for three yoga classes, and I paired Yooooga one shoulder bra with leggings from the same series, and align leggings with align asymmetric bra. Here are what I think of both products.


Both bra claimed to offer light support for workout women, the fact is they are perfect options for low impact activities like yoga and Pilate. My regular bra size is 36B, and I feel my breasts are locked in place when wearing both products. 

Style and cut

Lululemon align bra does not come with cups, while Yooooga one shoulder bra has removable paddings, which is a win point. Because removable cups offer you the convenience to choose between wearing with or without pads, my friend return her Lulu because she was misinformed by ads about “cups”.

Yooooga One Shoulder Bra vs Lululemon Align Asymmetric Bra, removable paddings from yooooga one shoulder sports bra


Yooooga one shoulder bra is 1/3 priced compared with Lulu, which making Yooooga the more cost effective option on yoga bra. To be honest, with their good quality on active wear, I would favor Yooooga on shopping yoga wear. I mean, of course Lulu is good, but I always think that they spent spent so much money on marketing, and the money must come from the price I paid. So why not pick a small brand much less priced?

Material and moisture management

Lulu bra is made from their classic, outstanding Nulu fabric, while Yooooga one shoulder bra is made from ribbed, chiffon and spandex mixed material, which is also buttery soft and moisture wicking. In my personal point, Nulu fabric feel more comfortable than the chiffon and spandex mixed material, but if you favor a ribbed finish, pick the later.

Ease to put on and take off

Both bra are equally easy to put on and take despite of their asymmetric style.


Both bra bring nice wearing experience, their asymmetric design do not come at the cost of comfort, and pairing them with leggings of the same color works even better.

If you take budget as an important factor when shopping for yoga bra, pick Yooooga one shoulder bra

If you think comfortability is above everything when it comes to active wear,  pick Lululemon align asymmetric bra. 

Let me know your preference by leave a comment.

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