What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

Over 36.7 millions of women and men practice yoga in the united states. And that number is increasing every year. That is why activewear market is booming in recent decades. Spend over a hundred on a pair of branding yoga pants is not rare in these days. People like wearing yoga pants more than ever before, the topic of what to wear with yoga pants is highly-debated topic.

Yoga pants are amazingly cozy and super stretchable. But most of the time, it is hard to dress up with yoga pants. Some people even look like they forget to dress for work with yoga pants on, that is why you need to spend some efforts on your look while keep the pair of super comfortable yoga pants on.

What are yoga pants?

Yoga originated in ancient India and aim to control and still mind. In another saying,  yoga is a mind and body practice. There are 8 major yoga styles, and various yoga styles combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and else. 

Yoga pants are designed for yoga practice, they are stretchable, buttery soft, always stay tight and still, not supposed to roll down, and what is more important, they are made from moisture wicking fabrics.

Yoga pants vary by length, color and styles, none yoga pant are supposed to be see through, and they are supposed to endure heavy wear, such as Astanga yoga. Yoga pants help you maintain comfortable during workouts with help from its adopted sweat wicking technique, which is very useful to maintain temperature.

What to wear with yoga pants?

This question should be divided into two questions, which top to wear with yoga pants? And which shoes to wear with yoga pants?

For the former question, you can pair yoga pants with blazers, sweater, tee, tank, or jacket. For the record, solid color yoga pants might be everybody’s no.1 choice when it comes to yoga apparel shopping, sometimes, pattern yoga pants make a good element for refreshing look.

For the later question, flats, loafers, sneakers, even boots are perfect options when you wear yoga pants on bottom. In the following paragraph, I am going to give some examples on how to pair with yoga pants per tops and shoes, hope you can find some inspirations or ideas on what to wear with yoga pants.

With a long sweater and flats

Flats pair perfectly with simple, solid color yoga pants. If you wish to lift your overall look a little bit, try throwing on a colorful long sweater and mix in some chunky accessories like choker and etc. What is more, wearing supportive flats is comfortable and increases your stability, double your feeling of cozy while with yoga pants one.

With blazers and boots

Wearing yoga pants with blazers and boots is a classic look. Yoga pants serve as a comfortable and versatile role. One of the major advantages of boots is their height and therefor the protection they give to your ankles, which perfect dilute the simplistic of yoga pants.  And blazer has  a magic ability to keep you look nicely dressed, besides, blazers are versatile, they fit well with yoga pants, even neon yoga pants or leggings.

With an off shoulder tee

Wearing yoga pants with off shoulder tops are especially in trend these days. When you are in need of a dose of feminine fashion in daily wardrobe. Expose one or both of your bare shoulders create a look that is flirty and fun. Yoga pants happen to neutralize this feeling. 

With jacket and sneakers

Jacket keeps you warm, stylish jacket like alphabet jacket or leather jacket pair well with solid color yoga pants, and a pair of sneaker add more flexibility to your look. Yoga pants with jacket and sneakers are perfect for cold weathers. 

With tees and loafers

It is safe to pair yoga pants with graphic tee, v-neck tee, or what ever tee tops. And loafers serve as a good pair of casual shoes. They are easy to take on and take off just as flats. This is not a perfect look for office, but an amazing choice for catch up between friends after yoga class. 

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