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A Yoga Meditation to Connect to Power – Yoga Meditation Facts and Poses



yoga meditation

Yoga Meditation helps you achieve mental relaxation and concentration. Technically, meditation is a part of yoga.  Practice meditation is a process to draw your attention to breath and thoughts, and help you become aware that breathing automatically controls the thought process and by doing breathing practices it will relax your mind completely.

A yoga meditation to connect to power

A yoga meditation to connect to power is no easy task, it requires serious practice and better with guides from experienced teachers. Certain types of poses are good for meditation practice, we will go through them in the following paragraphs.

There is also another saying regarding the relationship between yoga and meditation, which I think makes sense too. some people call yoga a moving meditation, you calm your physical body and mind by creating awareness through doing poses. Either way, for every yoga practitioner, meditation definitely is an important part of your yoga journey.

How yoga meditation is gonna benefit you?

There are multiple benefits of yoga practice: Almost every one of us suffers from varying degrees of psychological distress in our daily lives, from regular stresses and worries to depression and anxieties. Yoga meditation is a good way to reduce psychological stress and build better cognitive, emotional and physical health. A lot of yogis and yoginis have come to me, saying after doing meditation for some time, they have lessened worrisome thoughts and sleep better at night.

  • Reduce psychological stress
  • Better cognitive ability
  • Better emotional health
  • Better physical health

Inspiring Facts about Meditations

  • A lot of people benefit from doing yoga, Johns Hopkins confirms this on their site, check here.
  • Researchers concluded that yoga could serve as a complementary form of therapy for patients with anxiety disorders. and yoga is the most commonly used complementary health approach in the US.
  • 36 million people in the US regularly practice yoga, and over half of them practice yoga meditation.
  • Meditation can change your brain to improve memory concentration and even physical health, check next on this list.
  • Meditation can strengthen your immune system and can help to relieve low back pain.

6 poses for yoga meditation

Warm yourself up with plank poses

This is to free yourself from tensions and prepare yourself for further poses.

Get into Dolphin Pose

When I first began practising yoga, my coach told me that the Dolphin pose was her favourite as it helps relieve low back pain.

Go further with Dolphin Push-up Pose

If you like to move it to the next level, go on with the Dolphin push-up pose.

The most classic pose – Downward Dog Pose

I love this pose very much, I cannot bear one day without doing a downward dog pose, remember, try your best to squeeze your inner thighs together, it is a very comfortable stretch pose.

Tree Pose

Another classic pose, I practised a lot to focus on one point and keep my body steady.

Standing Split Pose

Use a wall if needed, stand straight, and take your legs up to your head length, keep your body steady and focus on breathing.

As said before, a yoga meditation to connect to power is no easy task, the most important thing it start practicing. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. I, take myself as an instance, it took me half a year to do a correct downward dog pose, and now, I cannot live without it.