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What to Wear to Yoga Class?



What to Wear to Yoga Class?

What to Wear to Yoga Class? First of all, I think wear comfortable is the no.1 rule, after all, practice yoga means pursuing a better version of yourself. And breath is an important part of yoga practice, wearing comfortable yoga clothes is crucial in maintaining good breath. The second rule would be to choose yoga clothes that can boost your performance. You do not want to wear a top that is so loose it will fall down when you are doing a downward-facing dog pose, right? Hence, snug-fit yoga tops and leggings are essential for good performance. ​The third rule would be to choose yoga clothes that are moisture-wicking. Yoga practice can be quite intense sometimes, especially in hot yoga when the classroom is heated up to 80 degrees. You will thank yourself for picking moisture-wicking clothes as they help you maintain comfort and cool all the time.

How to choose yoga clothes?

First, find your favourite yoga styles, like yoga sports bras, yoga tanks, yoga leggings or else. Then you are gonna have a pool for your yoga clothes, pick some of your best-fit styles.

Second, choose a good sports bra. It is important to wear a good sports bra as you know they are essential for having a good yoga session. Yoga sports bra will provide essential support for your breasts, making it relatively easy to do all sorts of poses.

​Third, pick your yoga leggings to complete the look.  Wearing yoga leggings longer than knee length is recommended for any yoga class, the more sweaty you get, the deeper understanding you will get what yoga leggings can do for you. They wick moisture away very quickly and reduce friction from the air, especially when your skin is very sweaty.

​What should you not wear to Yoga Class?

First, a normal bra is best not to appear during yoga sessions. Low-impact exercise like yoga requires less support than other sorts, thus maximum comfort is your best choice, a sports bra would so do.

Second, loose-fit tops and bottoms are best not seen during yoga class. As mentioned above, loose fit top or bottom will fall down when doing some sort of poses. This will drag down your performance.

​Third, some people don’t wear yoga pants to yoga classes, that is said, they wear casual clothes to classes, this might not be very wrong, but I recommend not wearing loungewear to classes because yoga pants are better. They are better being supportive, wrap your legs quite well and wick away moisture quite quickly.

​What footwear do you wear to Yoga Class?

Most of the time, we do not wear socks for yoga practice, that is to say, we practice yoga barefoot. Some yogis like to wear anti-slip socks to classes, which may cause exactly the opposite effect. No need to think about socks, and wearing slip-ons to yoga studios, which are easy to put off and put on, this is recommended.

​For cold weather days, do not wear socks too.

Best picks for your yoga outfit

The whole point of a yoga outfit is about your own comfort and mobility. And based on this, pick some style you really like. For instance, I love racerback sports bras, which is why I have all sorts of racerback sports bras of different colors. For yoga bottoms, I love yoga leggings, they are stretchable, comfortable moisture-wicking wicking and super soft. I can tell that myself is very relaxed while wearing a pair of snug leggings.

​Do not get me wrong, any yoga clothes that make you feel comfortable are suitable for classes. The good feeling you have when put on your yoga clothes will largely boost your performance during practice.