Side Lying Pose, A Relaxing Yoga Pose

Side lying pose is also called as side corpse pose, is a relaxing yoga pose, done with lying on the side of your body right after the practice of corpse pose. The practice of side lying pose is often been set at the ending part of a yoga session.

Some teacher using side lying pose as a transition from corpse pose to stand up. Yoga teachers request their students to turn towards the right side to lie down for a few minutes just before sitting up and right after corpse pose practice.

Sometimes, side lying pose is considered as a warm-up pose to prepare your body for more intense yoga poses. It is a simple posture that works the muscles of the hips and core, while also allowing for deep relaxation and introspection.

The practice of side lying pose can also be done alone to relax the body for students who may find lying on their backs a bit challenging. Indeed, side lying pose is a versatile pose.

How to do Side Lying Pose?

1. Prepare Foundational Props. 

As you’ll be lying on a mat or ground, prepare yourself with some props as well as proper yoga wear is essential to keep yourself comfortable and warm. First, place your mat agains a wall to provide extra support for your back; second, fold a yoga blanket into rolls or squares to serve as a pillow; third, use yoga blocks to place your knee if needed. Remember, have extra block or blanket nearby in case you will need them.

2. Lie Down. 

Lie down on your side and rest your head on the blanket-pillow you created, and feel your back supported at the wall. Take a block or folded blanket you prepared earlier and place it between your legs for extra comfort. 

Benefits of Side Lying Pose

There are two views on both sides of the body one should lie down on. Some prefer ending with the position on the right side while some prefer otherwise. To support both kinds of views, given below are the bullets of lying down on both side of the body:

  • Side lying pose on the right side
    1. Lying on the right side helps lower blood pressure, that is why in most yoga classes, yoga teachers encourage lying on the right side to relax.
    2. Help increase blood circulation
    3. Improve heart functions, your heart is in a better position when it is not under pressure since lying down on the right side helps to pump blood in a smooth and less restricted way.
    4. Sympathetic nervous system
    5. Enhance left nostril
  • Side lying pose on the left side
    1. Improves Digestion, as your stomach and the intestines are on the left side of the body, lying on the left side encourages the food waste to move easily from the small intestine into the large intestine.
    2. Boost circulatory system as lying on the left side helps with the reduction in pressure on the varicose veins.
    3. Increase lymph gluid, because the body’s lymphatic system is dominant on the left side of the body. 
    4. Enhance right nostril

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