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Basic 3 People Yoga Poses



Basic 3 People Yoga Poses

While solo yoga offers tremendous physical, mental and emotional health benefits, 3 people yoga helps to develop lasting connections with others. Friends, family members, even not quite familiar yogis met at yoga sessions, trio yoga is a perfect workout to build intimacy among practitioners.

3 people yoga poses help with strength building

Compared with traditional yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga yoga, practicing yoga with three people push much deeper into challenging poses, you will not only carry your own bodyweight but your yoga partners as well, at the same time manage to maintain balance. Hence, you will have your core area very well engaged to ensure a solid platform for partners to perform poses on.

Basic yoga poses for three people

Before moving into beautiful, difficult 3 people yoga poses, I would suggest these basic yoga poses for three people that are very beginner friendly. As far as I am concern, protect yourself as well as your partners from injury is the no.1 principal of doing 3 people yoga poses.

Trio seated lotus circle

  1. Inhale, come to sit crossing the legs, back to back and form a circle
  2. Exhale, extend the spine and place the knees closer to the floor, with palms rest on knees
  3. Feel your back lengthen and chest fully open, feel the existence of the other two by their breathing voice
  4. This is a start pose for 3 people yoga 

Triple forward fold circle

  1. Start from mountain standing pose, back to back and form a circle
  2. Gently draw your lower belly in toward your spine while lifting your pelvic floor
  3. Once you have reach your limit, hold hands with your partners
  4. Feel each other while keep breathing evenly

Plank trio

  1. The strongest person should be the ground layer, do plank pose
  2. The second partner put his or her feet flat on the shoulder and hands around ankles of the base player
  3. The top partner do the same but head toe opposite as the middle partner.
  4. Once anyone reach his or her limit, start by dismantle the top partner

Trio warrior III Pose

  1. Start in mountain pose with your bodies facing one another
  2. Inhale, bring both arms overhead straight
  3. Exhale, drop both arms to the center of the circle, meanwhile pull your left leg to a parallel position with floor, so your body forms a T shape
  4. Grab other people’s hands for extra support
  5. Do the opposite side after 5 breathes