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Easy BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses



2 Person Yoga Poses

What are 2 Person Yoga Poses?

You can tell from its name, bff 2 person yoga poses are yoga poses for two people, could be couples, best friends, mother and daughter, father and son, etc.

Benefits of 2 Person Yoga Poses for you and your BFF

  • Establish good relationship, a great way to make memories
  • Relax and relief stress
  • More fun and motivated
  • Build trust and intimation
  • Let go insecurities, you can not do this alone

4 Easy bff 2 person yoga poses to Begin With


Stand in mountain pose with your back placed firmly against each other, inhale and bend over, when you reach your limit grab each other’s should and maintain for five breathes


One of my favorite poses. Doing boat pose require good abdominal strength, which is why I love to practice this pose as it give me a good chance to strength my core area.

Partner seat face to face and reach forward to grab on the other one’s wrist. Again, maintain five breathes and  do not laugh.


Stand back to back in standing poses, slowly bend your knees and close the gap between you and your partner with spine straight, then link your arms.

Use each other for support, take steps back or wider if needed.


lol, definitely a good pose, lie down with your partner and close your eyes.

Yoga is always a fun thing to me, and doing yoga with my partner doubles that fun. For beginners, the mentioned four poses are easy to get started with, why not give it a try.