7 Wall Yoga Poses for Deep Stretch

A yoga prop is an object that makes practicing yoga easier and more effective. Using the wall like the way of using a yoga prop can be a great method to deepen your practice and have a little yoga fun! Yoga wall can make poses safer and more productive for yoga practitioners at any level, and they’re especially useful for helping beginners to achieve deep stretch wall yoga poses that would otherwise be difficult. 

Yoga wall can be used to provide extra support and steadier balance when settling into wall yoga poses. The utilization of yoga wall isn’t rely on ability but rather the purpose of the pose. People in varies yoga classes will often use yoga wall when they feel they need additional support to perfect their alignment in a pose, or to provide a wider opening of parts of the body that may not be as flexible. Yoga wall is one of the most useful tools when learning new asanas. It is there to support you if you fall, hold your weight, maintain your balance and deep your stretch.

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What are the benefits of wall yoga poses?

  • It improves circulation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Deepen stretch
  • Alleviate pain, especially knee pain
  • Promote better sleep 

Read on to get 7 wall yoga poses that helps to soothe your mind and deeply stretch your body.

1. Child’s pose against the wall

  • Start from kneel in front of the wall with  knees slightly wider than the hips.
  • Extend your arms, resting your hands on the wall, relax your head and shoulders.
  • Stay here for a few breaths, feel the stretch on your back, shoulders and arms.

2. Standing forward bend against the wall

  • Start by standing against the wall, with your toes about arm-length away from the wall.
  • Fold forward, resting your upper back against the wall, depending on how flexible your hamstrings are, adjust the gap between your toes the wall for better stretch.
  • Press your back against the wall, raise your arms above you, with palms pressing firmly against the wall.

3. Legs up the wall pose

  • Start by side lying pose around a wall, with your sitting bones closely against the wall.
  • Lift your feet up the wall until your body is in a L-shaped position.
  • Make any adjustments to facilitate a more relaxing space – maybe place a pillow under your head, or let your arms rest on your belly or out to the sides.
  • Hold for like 5 to minutes, depending on your body, meanwhile, focus on your breath, try to elongate your breath, taking a deep, slow inhale then a deep, slow exhale.

4. Dragonfly pose against the wall

  • Start from legs up the wall pose, simply release the weight of your legs open toward both sides so your legs are released into a wide V shape.
  • Bear for gravity to take over as you release the weight of your legs into its downward pull.
  • Relax your arms into any comfortable position.
  • Surrender into this pose until you feel relative stillness.

5. Butterfly pose against the wall

  • Start from wall dragonfly pose, catch hold behind your knees and gently bend them.
  • Slide the soles of your feet together to touch and open your knees out wide toward both sides.
  • Relax your arms into any comfortable position.
  • Surrender into this pose until you feel relative stillness.

6. Swan pose against the wall

  • Start from wall butterfly pose, catch hold behind your knees and draw them toward each other to hug them in toward your chest.
  • Gently press your feet against the wall and shimmy your hips to get your body slightly further away from the wall.
  • Press your left foot into the wall with your knee bent at about a 90 degree angle.
  • Lift your right leg, bend your knee, and cross your right ankle over your left knee in a figure 4 shape.
  • Surrender into this pose until you feel relative stillness.

7. Spin twist against the wall

  • Start from legs up the wall pose. Bend both knees and lower them to the left side of your chest, keeping the heels resting on the wall.
  • Extend your arms out wide in T position and gaze to the right.
  • After a few breaths, pull your knees to the chest and roll them over to the right side, gazing to the left for another multiple breaths.
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