3 Great Positive Thinking Techniques

Time to get honest, relentless positivity without reality rarely helps.

When you feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, sad, afraid or even nothing, you need the power of positive thinking to point a direction. I am not saying positive thinking works like a miracle, but it is true that positive thinking based on reality can benefit everyone in the long run.

The incredible power of positive thinking empower you with hope and motivation to growth, but creating a consistent positive mindset takes efforts, positive thinking exercise requires avoiding negative energy almost as much as involves creating positive energy. Read on to acknowledge 3 great positive thinking techniques.

Find the good in failure

Failure is disappointing, frustrated, is hard to cope with, but failure is also an opportunity, a chance to reevaluate and come back stronger with better preparation. Learning how to find the good in failure helps cope with failure and all the negative feelings along with it. 

Ask yourself, what did you learn from failure, did failure help build your character? What will you do different next time?

Take the opportunity and reframe failure as a learning experience and stepping stone to later success. 

Shift your attention to the good things

We always experience emotional pain in the present moment, the truth is what we feel at present is determined by where we focus our attention at. Learning techniques to shift your attention to the good things helps us take a break from those painful memories.

The more you start to give attention to the good things, the more you will start to see a more positive world, the better you will perform, and you will find yourself noticing fewer of the negatives in life.

For instance, during the hardest time of your day, try to picture something outside the current situation that brings you joy – maybe drinking a delicious drinks, eating something yummy, or going to an upcoming event that you are looking forward to.

Experience three good emotions for every one negative emotion

Experience good emotions can counteract negative feelings brings by negative emotions. Create opportunity to experience good emotion is crucial overcome negative feelings, also an important technique to form positive thinking mindset.

Jane McGzonigal, a famous game designer who used to suffer from years of PTSD of brain injury, proposed that “If you can manage to experience three positive emotions for every one negative emotion over the course of an hour, a day, a week, you dramatically improve your health and your ability to successfully tackle any problem you’re facing.”

How to create opportunity to experience good emotion?

Positive emotions like curiosity or love can be provoked by looking at cute baby animals like baby dolphin, llamas. Is not that a simple way to laugh? Doing something that really amuses you, maybe read a comic book, or watch a clip about huskies who embarrassed themselves without knowing, there is a lot you can do to fight bad emotions.

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