What is GSM in Fabric and How 220 GSM Material Make the Perfect Yoga Apparel?

It makes sense that understanding fabric weight is important to choose the right fabric, choosing the right fabric is important to choose the right apparel. So what it fabric weight?

Usually we use GSM to describe fabric weight. According to wikipedia, GSM stands for grams per square metre, the higher GSM, the heavier the fabric is. Fabric type and the way it has been woven will affect GSM value. Generally speaking, higher GSM value means denser fabric.

When it comes to yoga apparel, which GSM fabric should I pick?

  • Lightweight fabrics;
  • Midiumweight fabrics;
  • Heavy weight fabrics.

Per yoga apparel, you get to take fabric comfortability into consideration. I am sure you will not pick workout clothes made from Denim, even the market do has them for sell.

  • Light weight fabrics are perfect material for light weight clothes like underwear;
  • Heavy weight fabrics are ideal for cold weather wearings.
  • As for workout outfit, medium weight fabrics are the right options.

Yoga bras, tops, pants and accessories sold at yooooga.com are made from a kind of fabric that consists 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex with a GSM number of 220g. After numerous trying, we found this kind of medium weight fabric is perfect for yoga apparel, it feels very soft like a second skin to human beings, making you look stylish, and what is more important is, they remain stretchable, soft and comfortable after repeat wash.

Stylish, flattering designs plus soft, moisure-wicking, super stretchable fabric, i do not see why you should not give them a try.

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