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How Do You Respond When Someone Says Namaste



How Do You Respond When Someone Says Namaste

In India, Namaste (nah muh stay) is a common greeting used in daily life. In other part of the world, it is often used without full understanding of its meaning and proper usage. Like many yogis, at the ending part of my yoga session, my instructor would always end the class by bowing and saying “Namaste”. Is it formal or informal? What is the correct reply when someone says namaste? Read on to find answers.

What does Namaste mean?

It’s a Hindi word for saying “ Hello” or greeting some person older than you. But the literally meaning of  namaste is “I bow to you”. It can be used at any time of day to welcome guests, serving as a salutation.

How do you respond when someone says Namaste? 

By saying Namaste back to the other person.

The Usage Of Namaste in Yoga Classes

Namaste is often used in yoga practice to begin and end a yoga class. Often, yoga teachers say “Namaste, my friends” at both the beginning part and ending time of a session, and hole a salute pose with both hands, meant to remind us that every student is connected and we should treat each other with kindness and love.

“Namaste is not just a word. It is an attitude, an understanding, and a way of life.” – Amit Ray, an Indian author and “spiritual master”, also known for his teachings on meditation, yoga, peace and compassion.

The Sanskrit word – Namaste reminds us that everyone here is connected and should treat each other respectfully. Also, in some yoga sessions, namaste is used as a form of meditation, focusing on the breath and the sacredness of the present moment. 

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