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Pilate Body vs Gym Body, Which Workout to Choose?



Pilate Body vs Gym Body, Which Workout to Choose?

Working out regularly has benefits people a lot for both body and mind. Unlike other sorts of investment, workout is something you can count on nowadays. When you combine it with a healthy lifestyle, you will harvest excellent result for your health and appearance.

After start practice pilate for like 100+ sessions, I notice the way how pilate change my body which is incredible. Less pain and better aligned legs, I feel like I have a better body.

Today I am gonna make a list on how reformer pilate exercise and weigh training (aka. gym exercise) going to change your body, giving you a hint on which workout to choose.

How Reformer pilate training change your body?

Pilate is a mind-body exercise that requires core stability, strength and flexibility, and attention to muscle control, posture, and breathing. Regular session will both strengthen and lengthen your muscles, giving you an intensely toned, slim, and athletic look body over time.

The workout also really focuses on core strength and glute strength, along with regular exercise,  the improvement of mobility and flexibility of your body is quite noticeable.

How Strength Training Improve Your Body?

Weight training targets major muscle groups like chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abdomen, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. It improves muscular strength and endurance by working muscles against a form of resistance. The Gym body is characterized by skeletal muscle mass throughout the entire body, like a broad upper torso, significant arm musculature, a thin waist, as well as muscled legs.

Strength training reduces body fat meanwhile building muscle mass. As muscle mass naturally decrease with age, strength training can help reverse that trend. Compared with pilate training, strength training focus on achieve better muscle performance like power and endurance. While pilate training help you build a slim, balanced physique, weight training empower your muscles as well as reduce body fat.

As you can see. Both trainings are benefit your body a lot, when it comes to the question which workout you should choose? Reformer pilate training or strength training, it is really depends on your personal fitness goal.