Why Wear a Sports Bra?

A sports bra is unavoidable for any woman involving in physical workouts. You may wonder why wear a sports bra? Can I replace sports bra with regular bra during exercise? The answer is no. Now let’s take a look at comparison between them.

1. Specifically designed to wear during exercise;
2. It works by compressing breasts meanwhile providing supports to offset impacts and limit brests movement;
3. So as to make you feel comfortable during workouts.
1. Designed to wear on daily basis,
2. Provide supports for relatively low impact activities like walking or nothing but standing.

A good sports bra provides great support and protection, we recommend women wear sports bra whenever they involve in any kind of sports. Why wear sports bra during workout is highly recommended, as the following paragraph will tell you advantages of wearing sports bra;

Advantages of Wearing Sports Bras

Being supportive: a sports bra will minimize movement by providing the right amount of support to prevent your breasts from bouncing up and down;

Pain relief: you are more likely to develop back and breast pain without wearing a sports bra, as a result, with sports bra on, your breasts and all around are under protection;

Breathability, moisture wicking: most sports bras are made from high quality breathable fabric to ensure sweats wicking during exercise;

Look stylish: wearing a right sports bra not only protect you but also ensure excellent workout performance, because you will find yourself more confident with a stylish activewear on.

Types of Sports Bras


This bra does not have built-in bra, they are a simple kind, most of the time, a pull-over style, and are good options for low impact exercises.


Usually, encapsulation sports bra contains built-in bra and removable paddings. They are designed for high impact workouts like boxing and else;

Y Shaped Backless Push Up Sports Bra


Sports bra with criss-cross back is a very beautiful style, also one of the most popular styles on our store. do not worry, they provide excellent supports for you.

Crisscross Back Strappy Sports Bra main image


Raceback sports bra is one of the most common style on market. It looks like a “Y” from back as the shoulder straps join together between shoulder blades.

Essence Yoga Bra

Should I Wear Sports Bras 24/7?

It is better to leave your breasts free during sleep time. However, in some cases, people love to get breasts covered and minimize its movement to prevent sagging. This is a personal situation, do what you feel is good can not be wrong. I have small cups so I do not wear bras during sleep time, if you are asking me. Let me know your opinion by leaving a comment 😊

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