Why Should I Wear A Sports Bra?

To answer this question – why should I wear a sports bra? i should give an idea of what will happen if you do not wear sports bra during workout. It is understandable and predictable that people tend to wear loose-fit clothes during lockdown, as it is more comfortable and feeling comfortable become more important than ever during the pedemic period.

What happens if you do not wear a sports bra during workout

Ditch your sports bra for traditional bra just because they are more comfortable, this could be a mistake. Here are a list of what happens if you do not wear sports bra:

  • Your breasts will not get enough support, and this will have a detrimental effect on your breasts on the long run.
  • As breasts are made of tissues supported by skin, not getting enough support during workout will lead to severe backache and damage to its ligaments and tissue.
  • For relatively older women, breast skin become thinner and less elastic, wearing a sports bra is important to fight for gravity during exercise.

Benefits of wearing a sports bra

According to a research conducted by University of Wollongong, a survey found that nearly 44% of women do not wear sports bra during workout. Well, you should check out these benefits of wearing a sports bra.

  • Give enough support for breasts to prevent pain and discomfort.
  • Yoga sports bra help Maintain the shape of your breasts.
  • Sports bra are made from moisture-wicking fabric which is better than traditional bra during sweaty hours.
  • Sports bra help regulate blood circulation by giving enough supports while spaces too to breasts.
  • Sports bra are fashionable options and complete your workout overlook.

Wearing sports bra is important ever for low impact workouts like yoga

Low impact workouts are relatively mild and less sweaty than high impact workouts like boxing and else. However, it is equally important to wear a sports bra during yoga practices. Yoga sports bra provides ample support for breast during bend, jump and twist. No traditional bra could give you that. Wearing appropriate apparel for exercise will boost your performance, trust me.

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