Why Are Yoga Pants Tight?

A lot yogis ask this question – why are yoga pants tight?

Some people come up with this question every now and then – why are yoga pants tight? Well, as of now, not all yoga pants are tight styled, there are a lot of wide leg yoga pants out there in marketplaces. 

However, most yoga pants stay with the traditional style – tight. Yoga practicers all over the world wear tight yoga pants the most often than other styles. Basic yoga pants are solid black, tight fitted leggings made from four way stretch fabric.

Tight yoga pants are suppose to be moisture wicking, which is essential to keep wearer comfortable during workout. Also, tight yoga pants provide a little support and make wearer every easy to see their body shape, which is kind of important during  workout. Imagine when you are doing triangle pose, it makes things easier if you can see yourself from mirror and figure out wether you are putting your legs in the right places.

Let us get back to the question – why are yoga pants tight? That’s because tight yoga pants are best for yoga practice. Tight yoga pants are comfortable, stretchable, moisture wicking and flattering too. It is one of the best option to wear during yoga practice. Meanwhile, a lot people wear tight yoga pants or leggings daily outside yoga studio, they wear them to work, shopping and else. I tell you, yoga pants are trending and will be for a long time.

Are yoga pants suppose to be tight?

Well, I would say yes, yoga pants are suppose to be tight. And why is that? Because when you are practicing yoga, it is important to keep you muscle and skin well wrapped, it is more important to keep wicking moisture to make people feel comfortable all time. 

Let’s say if you are wearing wide leg yoga pants, they will hand loose away from your body, they do not hug your body so they can not wick away sweats, and will probably affect your performance.

What is more, tight yoga pants are proved to be capable to increase blood circulation and thus oxygen delivery to improve sports performance. According to my personal experience, when I practice yoga, I love to wear tight yoga pants the most because they are like my second skin and guard me through the exercise. I am not saying I did not try other styles other than tight yoga leggings, it is always nice to try another option, but every now and then I go back to tight yoga pants, so does many of my yoga classmates do. Every time I go to yoga class, nine out of ten attenders wear tight yoga pants, needless to say, tight yoga pants are crowd favorite, you should follow this trend too.

How tight should yoga pants be?

Yoga pants should be like your second skin when you put them on.  They should feel snug around your legs without being too tight. You should be free to move around and feel extremely comfortable. Tight yoga pants are designed for both yoga practice and daily wear, imagine when you doing those difficult poses, it is important to wear the right yoga leggings that giving support and wicking moisture, which will maximize your workout and bring out your best performance.

What happens if yoga pants are too tight? And how do you know if your yoga pants are too tight?

It is not difficult to judge if your yoga leggings fit or not? Whether they are too tight or too loose. There are immediate signs to tell if your pants fit. First, yoga pants should be easy to get, if you find them hard to put on, there is a large chance they are too tight for you. Second, if your yoga pants fit tight, they dig in around the waist, thus you should pay attention to your waist and feel it. Third, after you put on yoga leggings, if they become transparent that is because they fit tight and you managed to stretch its fabric. Lol.

Finding an ideal pair of yoga pants is not that difficult, just try them on before make a purchase, lol.

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