What to Wear to Hot Yoga?

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is practiced in a room that is heated 25 to 35 degrees Celsius (95 to 100 F), while under such heat, your body will warm up swiftly and help your body to facilitate sweating and increase flexibility through this way. Hot yoga help your body to detox in a way other yoga forms can not do, it makes you sweat – and sweating releases toxins. But just because the room is heated doesn’t mean that wearing less even as close to naked as possible is a good choice.

What to wear to hot yoga?

1. Wear Leggings or Shorts

Wear a pair of 7/8 length yoga pants will do. While some yogis prefer shorts over leggings as they feel grateful for the exposed skin, however, the sweat will make your legs super slippery and you couldn’t nail my poses as well.

2. Wear sports bra and fitted yoga shirts

Wearing a yoga sports bra with lightweight, moisture wicking fabric,  as you will be sweating, so wearing yoga clothes that are breathable and nonrestrictive will go a long way

As for yoga shirts, pick a nice piece of crop yoga tank will serve you well. And you want them to be fitted, loose clothing is not your friend in hot yoga.

3. Avoid cotton clothes

Cotton clothes will absorb your sweat and become heavy and will make you hotter.

4. Do not wear makeup for hot yoga

Because it will sweat away and make you look even worse.

5. Accessories

  • Non-slip yoga mat – slip-resistant and has good grip, as you will be sweating a lot during your hot yoga session
  • Headbands – a workout headband can be a great accessory to keep hair out of your face during hot yoga
  • Water Bottle – make sure to keep hydrated during hot yoga and bring a full water bottle to class. 
  • Towel – help keep the sweat out of your face, keeps your hands and feet from slipping during poses

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