What Is A Low Impact Sports Bra?

What is a low impact sports bra?

Sports bra can be roughly divided into three categories, they are low impact sports bra, medium impact sports bra, high impact sports bra. A low impact sports bra is less supportive then the other two, and in most cases, low impact sports bra adopts pullover design and it is relatively easy to wear and take off. Low impact sports bra is recommended for workouts with low level of bounce, like yoga, jogging and else.

Low impact sports bra vs high impact sports bra

Low impact sports braHigh impact sports bra
Provide the lightest level of supportProvide high level support
Relatively less tightHigh compression
Yoga, jogging and elseBoxing, running, HIIT

Are low impact sports bra for me?

  • If you are wearing them to do less impact exercises like yoga or Pilates;
  • Woman with A or B cups are recommended to wear low level support bra;
  • Make sure pick one made from moisture-wicking and soft fabric;

What do I wear them for?

Remember, you are recommended to wear low impact sports bra for any activity without too much bouncing or vigorous movement. Most of the time, this kind of activities are yoga, Pilates, stretching, walking and others.

Our recommendations:

If you prefer classic and simple design, this Y shaped backless push up sports bra is a good option:

If you like sports bra with more cover, this Yoga Tank Top with Built-In Bra is perfect for yoga classes and every wear.

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