What Does Yoga Do for Your Body?

what does yoga do for your body?


  • Benefits of yoga;
  • Can you loose weight by doing yoga?
  • Does yoga shape your body?
  • 8 major yoga types;

Benefits of Doing Yoga

What does yoga do for your body? Many people love doing yoga, it is like a daily routine to yogis. For those who want to start yoga at home or join a yoga studio, you will not regret as doing yoga will benefit your body very much. I, myself has set an example of showing how yoga help change your body.

Doing yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone, helps maintaining a balanced metabolism. What is more important, i lose a few pounds after practicing yoga for three months, this is surprising. I could not help wondering that practice yoga is going to change my lifestyle.

Apart from above mentioned, there are more aspects which is really encouraging.

  • Doing yoga improves your respiration, energy and vitality;
  • Yoga maintains cardio and circulatory health;
  • Yoga improves athletic performance significantly, especially for beginners;
  • Practice yoga protects you from injury;

Can You Loose Weight by Doing Yoga?

The answer is YES. Doing yoga is a boost to weight lost and maintenance. For detailed explanations about how doing yoga helps loose weight, you may refer to this post.

“This is a frequent question asked by many yogis worldwide: does yoga help you lose weight? The answer is YES, I lose almost ten pounds by doing yoga for six months.”

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight

Does Yoga Shape Your Body?

YES, doing yoga increase fat loss, develop muscle tone and build flexibility. If your target is a more lean-looking physique, yoga is your top choice.

8 Major Yoga Types

After knowing so many benefits of doing yoga, if you are having growing interests in start yoga practice. Here are 8 major yoga types.

  • Vinyasa yoga, also been called Vinyasa Flow yoga or flow yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Bikram
  • Restorative yoga
  • Anusara yoga
  • Iyengar yoga

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