What are the best clothes to wear for yoga?

Many people start a home yoga during this special time. It is not the end of world, but we need something to fight against routines like cooking, baking, cleaning and else. Lose some fat on your belly is always the purpose of workout, which we fail to achieve most of the time. However, get some stretch will harm your body, yoga practice is always a good option for home exercise.

When it comes to active wear, it may seem like a simple process of buying the most popular styles. The fact that skin is the biggest organ in human, choose suitable yoga clothes that is soft and comfortable to wear will maximize your workout performance. Believe it or not, this guide will save your much time, energy and money on yoga apparel.

There are many factors to consider when comes to buying appropriate yoga apparel, and three of them matter the most. They are fabric, functionality and design.

First thing’s first, why high-quality fabric matters in yoga apparel?

When it comes to understand athletic wear fabrics, knowing the standards on picking appropriate fabric is important and will increase your efficiency while shopping both online and in store. A good kind of activewear fabric should be breathable, moisture-wicking, super stretchable and remain stretchable after repeat wash.

Nature fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo are super good material, however, sometimes they are beyond budget.

Composite fabric is a good option, for instance, polyester plus spandex (also known by the brand name Lycra) with GSM index of 220g, I am not trying to boost yoga clothes from yooooga.com? The fact that composite fabric absorbs moisture incredibly quickly while remaining super stretchable as always is the most important thing for yoga clothes.

Second, yoga clothes must meet certain criteria in functionality

Active wear should stretch to at least three times its normal length to ensure comfort during yoga poses, as you are likely to be twisting and inverting. A good pair of yoga pants remains stretchable and soft at the same time. Why iconic yoga wear like Alo Yoga, Lululemon win so many followers all over the world? Their signature fabric should take at least half of the credit.

Per top wear, a breathable, fitting top that won’t hang over your head when doing downward-facing dog pose is important. A yoga bra or crop yoga tank with built-in bra is a good option. They offers enough supports for breasts during yoga practice. Per bottom wear, breathable, flexible bottoms like yoga pants or shorts are the most favorite styles among yogis. Yoga pants will not stay in your way while posing wired, difficult moves. And they stay cool, stretchable and provides a little protection preventing you from certain injuries and maximizes your performance.

Each yoga wear manufacturer has their own version of ideal fitness fabric. Think of your budget, hardcore demand and the convenience of buying them before make a purchase.

But the fabric is not the only thing that counts

Additional designs like squat test approved seamless design, thumbholes, perfectly placed cell phone pockets and else, they are extra bonus to increase sales among seemingly the same competitors.

Regarding yoga top, features like adjustable straps and removable padding really matters, they improve user experience and make it easier to clean. Good designs stand the test of time and improves repeat purchase. That is why we stick on choosing the best fabric and adopts stylish designs aiming to become a top yoga apparel retailer across the world.

Strappy Sports Bra
Strappy Sports Bra

Stylish, practical active wear that everyone enjoys wearing.

Like I said in previous post, finding ideal active wear for the first time of purchase might not be easy, we encourage you try them in store instead of buying online, as trying them on will guide you to a decision, to buy or not to buy.

Let me know if you have further advice in buying yoga apparel by leaving your comments below~

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