Sports Bra Sizing Guide – Buy Right Size Sports Bra

What sports bra size am I?

As many of you get blanky when it comes to buying a sports bra, the first question jumped out of your mind might be what sports bra size am I? To answer that question is simple, here is a quick, simple, three-step process of sports bra sizing guide. But first of all, grab yourself a tape.


Measure your band size, you can do this on your own. Just measure around your rib cage, right under your bust. Make sure your tape is straight around across your back but not tight, then round down to the closest inch. Write down the number.


Measure your bust size – by measuring around across your fullest point of bust. Again, write down the number.


Do the math, cup size minus band size, you get the difference, and refer to the following table for sports bra size.

Combine cup size and band size, you will get your sports bra size.

Question: What size sports bra for 36c?

Answer: According to our size chart, if you are buying from, the right sports bra size for you would be size 8 or size 10. It depends on your band size, if you want a slightly loose fit, choose size 10, if you want a tight fit, pick size 8.

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