Running On Instagram Vs. Running In Reality

In reality, not all runners have abs of steel or insist on wearing Yoga pants in public.

Running shoes on Instagram.

Running shoes in reality.

Fashionable running accessories on Instagram.


Running kit on Instagram.

Running kit in reality.

Pre-run breakfast on Instagram.

Pre-run breakfast in real life.

Mid-run energy boost in real life. 

megs@evilmegs_17FollowLmfao!! RT @tugbizzle: #funnykids this shot of these kids kills me!!!! #snickers run run run!!!!!!

Inspiration to keep running on Instagram.

Sports bras on Instagram.

Sports bras in reality.

Boob-sweat on Instagram.

Boob-sweat in reality. 

Kyle Diller@kdiller6Follow#BoobSweat RT @WorldofIsaac: Today, in unfortunate sweat patterns.11:16 PM – 08 Sep 13ReplyRetweetFavorite 

Stretching after a run in reality.

The view when you’re running on Instagram.

The view when you’re running in reality.

Running in winter on Instagram.

Richard Pilon / Flickr: ricklerocker

What people look like post-run on Instagram.

What people look like post-run in reality.


Post-run feast on Instagram.

Post-run feast in reality.

Running injuries on Instagram

Running injuries in reality.

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Why people run on Instagram.

Why people run in reality.

(The way it makes you feel.)         —Quoted from Buzzfeed

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