Meditation for Beginners

  • What is meditation ?
  • Why doing meditation ? What are meditation benefits?
  • Meditation for beginners

I found meditation rather strange at first, sitting there in silence. I kept wondering what i will get from sitting and doing nothing? The answer came to me when i start meditation for a few weeks. People have been doing meditation for over thousands of years, i bet many mediators have the same experience as i do.

For those who want to start meditation, this post will guide you through basic knowledge about meditation and give you a rough impression of how to do meditation. Now let’s start from the definition itself – what is meditation?

What is meditation?

Meditation takes patience, during meditation, people use techniques such as mindfulness to train attention and awareness, in order to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. People who tried meditation gain better understanding of themselves, and shown to have a wide number of psychological benefits.

There are two major types of meditation and they are mindfulness meditation and concentrative meditation. Concentrative meditation requires tender to focus all attention a specific thing while screening out everything else around you. The specific thing could be your breath, a specific word and else. Mindfulness meditation can target different issues, and it involves the state of being aware of the present moment, aiming to make yourself open, aware and accepting.

Why doing meditation? What are meditation benefits?

I personally love doing meditation, like i said before, meditation helps me gain a better understanding of my mind. The following is a list of meditation benefits i gathered, FYI:

  • Meditation helps reduce pain and stress significantly;
  • I become better at controlling anxiety;
  • Gain better understanding of myself;
  • I become more kind toward everyone around me;

Meditation will work on you if you are consistent with your practice. Trust me.

Meditation for beginner


First, choose a right time and a right place before start meditation, second, wear whatever you like, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, third, pick a soft meditation music. BINGO, you are ready.

Start meditation:

Find your best position on sit, sit on a cushion, bench, chair, or anything else that works for you. And rest your hands loosely on your knees.

Body scan:

Close your eyes, start from top of head, mentally scan down your body, from head to toe. During the process, focus on your feeling, notice which parts feel relaxed or comfortable, tense of uncomfortable. Draw a picture of how your body feels and do this over and over again to complement the picture. By doing body scan, you will become familiarize with yourself and rise awareness to your feelings.

Try not to get disturbed

It is normal to get disturbed in the beginning, do not feel discouraged. From time to time, little by little, you will develop a loving attitude toward meditation, and this makes it easier to persist. Absolutely, meditate on a regular basis will get you faster to achieve desire results.

In the end, i want to share two thoughts with you.

First, meditation doesn’t promise to solve your problems, and there’s no guarantee of everlasting happiness. Life, but give you a better understanding of yourself and life itself.

Second, do not worry too much about you are doing it wrong, one way or another you will find your way to success 🙂

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