Is Gyrokeinesis Yoga?

First of all, let me give a direct answer to this question – is Gyrokinesis yoga? No. Gyrokinesis is a different exercise system from yoga practice. According to Wikipedia, Gyrotonic is a unique system of exercise, created by , that incorporates movement principals from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t’ai chi.

The difference between gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic

They both share the same technique and philosophy of movement. While gyrotonic exercise uses a large piece of equipment like the Gyrotonic tower, jump stretch board and else, and gyrokinesis is done with very little equipment, either on a mat, stool or no equipment at all.

The benefits of gyrokinesis

The Gyrokinesis is good for strengthening muscles that support the spine, hips and muscles in the core, arms and legs as well. 

The gyrokinesis is a exercise that addresses the entire body through flowing movement sequence. It is very interesting to practice gyrokinesis. It helps to open your energy pathways, stimulate your nervous system, also increase range of motion. 

As far as myself is concerned, practice gyrokinesis is very good for improving the flexibility of spine. Very often, all I need is a stool and a mat to practice gyrokinesis. You may imagine, after a long day work at desk, how gyrokinesis is going to help me relax my spine bit by bit. Not to mention all I need are minimal equipments and an hour time. That is the reason why I fall in love with gyrokinesis after my first try.

Gyrokinesis is slow, fluid movements that based on seven natural elements of spinal movement, they are forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular.

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