I love shopping sports bra, yoga apparel and other sports accessories, shopping is easy, organization is difficult, and daily organization is the most difficult thing in my life. 

It is no surprise that you have sports bra, yoga pants all over your closet, some of them being hang, and others just piled everywhere. My closet is exactly the case not long before. At some point, I decided to tidy my closet, all the drawers and bins, and I did so. It feels great, the feeling that I have control over all the sports apparel makes me feel relief, knowing I have something proper to wear to today’s workout.

Thus I have enlisted a few bullets that is very much helpful to me and hope will help you the same. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

1. Imitate your favorite sports bra shop

Like I said, I love shopping. One time, I was at this large Under Amour store, the way they store all sorts of sports bra suddenly hit me, I can copy their way in my room, just much less sports bra, smaller room. I bet you all have your favorite spots to shop for, I believe they have their own ways to organize apparels, you will learn  a lot from them. Keep one thing in mind, learn their principals, no need to copy everything from them.

2. Create separation, Separate by workout forms

For me as an instance, I like to separate yoga sports bras by their supportive level. For details, there are three piles of yoga sports bra in my closet, and they are low impact sports bra, medium impact sports bra and high level supportive sports bra. If I am having Hatha Yoga class today, I will wear low impact sports bra or medium impact sports bra. This takes less than a second to fetch what I want, very cool.

3. Lingerie drawer, Fold sports bra

There are three ways that I recommend to store sports bra, and lingerie drawer is the first one. It is the most convenient way to store yoga sports bra according to my experience. Just fold your yoga sports bra like the way staff do in sports apparel store. Since you have separate your sports bra by workout forms, take myself for instance, I have three drawers to store sports bra, and after I separate them, I fold every piece one by one into corresponding drawer, easy work.

4. Bra rack

The second way I recommend to store sports bra is bra rack, any kind of cloths rack will do. I use those ordinary racks buying from IKEA and it is very handy. All low impact sports bra are hanged together, and its neighboring is medium impact sports bra, lol.

5. Use wired bins

The third way to store sports bra is very similar to the first one. If you do not have enough drawer in your closet, buy some small wired bins to create a drawer. Problem solved.

6. Organize bra by size

This is another inspiration I have after shopping at Under Amour, but it is not applicable in my case, might be application for some of you. Since I have only one size of yoga sports bra, there is no need to organize bra by size, if you are in a different case, try this.

7. Implement a color-coded system

I have around ten pieces of yoga sports bra, they are with my favorite colors like nude, sky blue, off white and else. I will organize sports bra by color once they have been separated by their supportive level like I mentioned above. This way will make your drawer look more tidy than random organization.

8. Keep only the sports apparel you wear

The last advice I have is to let some of sports apparel go. Once again, I like shopping, but sometimes, I just enjoy the moments of paying, I never wear some of the pieces I bought. So I recommend to donate or send to friends or any other ways to give up those styles. Make your sports bra closet the compact the possible, this will help save your energy and time ahead.

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