How to Start A Home Yoga Practice?

It never occurred to me this often that i should practice yoga at home when social distance is encouraged by almost everybody. usually, i do yoga at studios. Following instructions from my coach makes it easy to do poses and relief anxiety in the process. Now i make this happening at home, which is also an amazing experience and i will keep doing this even after the pandemic. For anyone who wants to doing yoga at home and looking for guides on how to start a home yoga practice, my post might give your a little help.

Why you should start doing yoga practice at home?

First of all, it is safer to practice yoga at home, we all know that over two million people died of COVID-19 worldwide and one million cases took place in the United States, you absolutely do not want to get affected by the virus. Second, it feels more relax and comfortable at your own place, at least i do. Third, i can adjust at my will instead of following a teacher, which gives me a feeling that i can do better on my own, lol

Preparation of doing home yoga practice:

  1. Make some space: if possible, it is better to find a small place that is quiet and peaceful. it does not have to be a big space, but must be enough for you to stretch, and some decoration like candles would be great.
  2. Dress up properly for yoga practice, make your body prepared for workout, do not neglect this, trust me, it will working.
  3. Make a schedule and stick to it unless you plan to watching a video while posing at the first place. Practice at home should be honored too, stick to your practice plan and make it achievable.
  4. Start with those beginner poses, following your body and mind its reaction. Be cautious to show respect to your body’s boundaries, avoid pain and do not push yourself.
  5. Having fun, the whole point of practicing a home yoga is about having fun. Your place, your music, your body, a good yoga practice at home make your getting to know yourself and your body better. LOL, this is why i am falling in love with yoga at home.

Start home yoga right now, you will fall in love with it~

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