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For both fresh and advanced yogis, chances are you might have heard of the term [...]

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What is rocket yoga? Rocket yoga, the original power yoga, is a dynamic and fast-paced [...]

Yoga Alignment 101

What is yoga alignment? Yoga alignment indicates how your body is presented in yoga postures. [...]

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Backbend yoga poses are an essential part of yoga asana practice, they seem to be [...]

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What to Eat Before Hot Yoga? What to Eat After Hot Yoga?

The general rule for most practitioners is that there is no eating two hours before [...]

Hand Yoga and 6 Poses to Benefits Hands, Fingers and Wrists

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Slow flow yoga is a low impact, low intensity yoga style that is ideal for [...]

5 Yoga Poses for Root Chakra Balance

What is Root Chakra? Chakras act as spinning wheels of energy that create your body’s natural energy system [...]

Should I Practice Yoga Before or After Workout

Almost all people who are interested in yoga has probably had some crossover into the [...]

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There are many benefits of Bikram yoga, some of which are similar to other yoga [...]

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How Many Bottles of Water a Day

To start with, people consume water from many sources, not just by drinking it, though [...]

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When it comes to weight loss strategy, it is crucial to set up a realistic [...]

7 Entry Level Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Time to be honest, life is full of fair share of stressors, from jobs, marriage, [...]

What Does Namaste Mean?

Namaste is a Sanskrit word meaning “I humbly bow to you / I bow to [...]

How Often Should You Do Yoga to See Benefits?

This is a frequently asked question - how often should you do yoga to see [...]

Why Is Yoga So Hard and Tips for Beginners

I still remember my first month of yoga sessions, it was miserable. Why is yoga [...]

What Are the 12 Chakras

What Is A Chakra? Chakras are ‘energy centers’ within the human body, they help to [...]

10 Yoga Kneeling Pose Ideas for Beginners

Kneeling pose is an important yoga pose type, practice kneeling yoga poses are proven to [...]

How to Do Threading the Needle Stretch

Threading the Needle Stretch is a stretch pose that opens the shoulders and stretches the [...]

4 Person Yoga Poses for Beginners

If you are inspired by the fun and joy reflected from interesting 4 person yoga [...]

Side Lying Pose, A Relaxing Yoga Pose

Side lying pose is also called as side corpse pose, is a relaxing yoga pose, [...]

40 Self Love Quotes to Boost Self Esteem

Adopting self love quotes as a tool for mental resilience or recovery is wise and [...]

Why Is Yoga So Hard?

Is yoga difficult for beginners? Yes, both physically and mentally.  After my first yoga session, [...]

What to Wear to Hot Yoga?

What is hot yoga? Hot yoga is practiced in a room that is heated 25 [...]

Why Does Stretching Feel Good?

Yoga physical postures involves stretching more than other low impact workouts like Taichi, Qigong or [...]

Basic 3 People Yoga Poses

While solo yoga offers tremendous physical, mental and emotional health benefits, 3 people yoga helps [...]

3 Great Positive Thinking Techniques

Positive thinking exercise requires avoiding negative energy almost as much as involves creating positive energy. [...]

Pilates Body vs Gym Body, Which Workout to Choose?

While pilate training help you build a slim, balanced physique, weight training empower your muscles [...]

Ashtanga Vs Vinyasa Yoga? Which One Should You Choose?

Ashtanga and vinyasa are partly the same. Ashtanga yoga is also named as ashtanga vinyasa [...]

Eye Yoga 101: Benefits, Science Behind, and A Beginner’s How-To

Index: Even through the COVID-19 outbreak is over, the number of people working from home [...]

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn? How Yoga Contribute to Weight Loss?

Many people’s first impression to this question – how many calories does yoga burn is [...]


Namaste is a Hindi word for saying “ Hello” or greeting some person older than [...]


Some of our leggings may tend to slide down. To figure out why do my [...]


If you have already been practicing yoga on a regular basis, like once a day [...]

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It is now a trendy thing to wear yoga pants in public. However, yoga pants [...]

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Even if you own both yoga pants and various leggings, you may not know what [...]

What to Wear with Burgundy Leggings?

If you are getting tired of black leggings or blue jeans, what good choice is [...]

Is Yoga a Form of Meditation

Is yoga a form of meditation? Yes, it is a commonly accepted fact that yoga [...]


Everyone can benefits from getting on your mat and doing some yoga stretch poses. Whether [...]

30 Savasana Quotes on Life, Love and Letting Go

What is a Savasana in yoga? Savasana is a rest pose in yoga, it is [...]


Will 20 minutes of yoga help lose weight? It seems 20 minutes yoga routine is [...]


People love blue yoga pants, unlike classic black and white, blue yoga pants bring the [...]


I love shopping sports bra, yoga apparel and other sports accessories, shopping is easy, organization [...]

What to Wear to Yoga Class?

What to Wear to Yoga Class? First of all, I think wear comfortable is the [...]

Does Yoga Improve Skin?

YES. Doing yoga not only strengthens your muscles but also improve your skin. This has [...]

Is Gyrokeinesis Yoga?

is Gyrokinesis yoga? No. Gyrokinesis is a different exercise system from yoga practice. According to [...]

Why Are Yoga Pants Tight?

A lot yogis ask this question – why are yoga pants tight? Some people come [...]

4 Yoga Poses to Help Lose Weight for Beginners

There is a good research that doing yoga help people better manage stress and weight. [...]

How to Do Downward Facing Dog Pose?

Downward facing dog pose is not recommended if you have wrist injury [...]

Easy BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses

You can tell from its name, bff 2 person yoga poses are yoga poses for [...]

Why Should I Wear A Sports Bra?

To answer this question - why should I wear a sports bra? i should give [...]

A Yoga Meditation to Connect to Power – Yoga Meditation Facts and Poses

Index What is yoga meditation – how a yoga meditation to connect to power How yoga [...]

How to Style Flare Yoga Pants?

What is flare yoga pants? This is Kaia Gerber wearing flared yoga pants, let me [...]

What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

Over 36.7 millions of women and men practice yoga in the united states. And that [...]

Who Invented Yoga Pants?

What are yoga pants? Yoga originated in ancient India and aim to control and still [...]

Are Yoga Pants And Leggings the Same Thing?

A lot people ask this question: are yoga pants and leggings the same thing? The [...]

5 Steps to Do Breathing Exercise for Stress Relief

Many yoga beginners ask the same question, how to breath during yoga practice? Does it [...]

Shopping Guide for Flare Yoga Pants, Link Included

Why buying flare yoga pants? Needless to say, you have grow some interests in flare [...]

Are Yoga Sports Bra Supposed to Be Hard to Put On and Off?

In my opinion, yoga sport bras should not be hard to put on and off. [...]

4 Best Basic Style Yoga Tops for Women

For instance, minimal form fitting yoga tanks with built-in bra should be perfect for hot [...]

What Are Squat Proof Leggings?

When we talk about squat proof leggings, what are we referring? What are squat proof [...]

4 Styles of Squat Proof Yoga Leggings

If you go through amazon platform you will find thousands of yoga leggings on sell, [...]

My Tips for Making Washing Yoga Sports Bra Easier

You know the importance of a good sports bra for yoga practice, which makes washing sports [...]

Meditation for Beginners

I found meditation rather strange at first, sitting there in silence. I kept wondering what [...]

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Yoga Performance Permanently

While many casual yoga practitioners out there solely use yoga as a weekly exercise and [...]

What Does Yoga Do for Your Body?

What does yoga do for your body? Many people love doing yoga, it is like [...]

5 Inspirations for Yoga tops

What makes a good piece of yoga tops? There are literally thousands of yoga tops [...]

3 Tips for Finding Best Yoga Pants for Short People

Trying to look the best of you requires skills, this is especially true when you [...]

Mesh Cutout Leggings that Have Everything You Want from Yoga Pants

Apart from basic yoga legging style, print pattern yoga pants and mesh cutout leggings are [...]

All You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga Practice

Yoga is a mind and body exercise. It focuses on combing physical postures, breathing techniques [...]

Why Women Doing Yoga?

Do you like yoga? Have you ever attended a yoga class before? I bet you [...]

Five Selected Styles of Yoga Tops for Woman Attending Yoga Class

Today I am going to recommend five selected styles of yoga tops for woman, I [...]

12 Reasons Why We Love Yoga Pants

Many of you could not help raising this question – why we love yoga pants? [...]

What is Moisture Wicking Fabric?

Index: What is moisture wicking fabric? First things first, what is moisture wicking fabric? As [...]

Best Yoga Shorts for Women

For some types of yoga, like hot yoga, Bikram yoga class, wearing yoga shorts for [...]

A Quick Guide – Major Types of Yoga

There are 8 major types of yoga, and I am going to walk you through [...]

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight

This is a frequent question asked by many yogis worldwide: does yoga help you lose [...]

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