Best Hair Powder to Cover Gray Roots of 2020

Ok, let me be straightforward, most of us do not like revealing natural gray color to others, especially when you have gray root that makes you look much older than your actual age. Also, salons are supposed to remain closed in near future, even some salons are open, it is cost-not-effective to go to coloring too often. Then, this leaves us a problem, how to deal with gray root in daily gear up routine between hair dye?

most populat hair root cover up alternatives at home

Hair grows pretty quickly, thankfully, there are tons of at home alternatives out there that can provide perfect hair root cover up results. Say, L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up, like the maker claimed,

“Cover Up conceals grays in seconds for flawless roots. Get seamless coverage with our lightweight formula.?

I do not doubt that L’Oreal spray has the magic power to fix gray root and make it look perfect match with other part of your hair within steps. Seemingly the only problem leaves to us is that there are so many color options that a choosy shopper does not know which one to choose even after reading tons of reviews on listing page (it is literally the most popular item of this category in Amazon, thus their listing has thousands of reviews posted by verified purchasers). Seriously, there are over sixty options, take a look:

L'Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up

It is not easy and most of the time not the case that you find ideal color at your first purchase, more often, you are possible to find your perfect match after several tries.

Some of you may not be a fan of spray cover-up, it is relatively hard to use, and absolutely harder to make them evenly covered up on hair. You have to be careful that it will get on your face, and some say it will not last on hair root, although this might be a personal case.

No worry, like I said, there are so many at-home alternatives out there, if you want to be more control of product placement, go for cover-up powder.

First, there are less than 10 color option when shop for powder kind product, second, they are much easier to apply, one can master fast and easy, precise, no mess application within several usages. Do not worry about durability, usually they last until next shampoo, and they are water and sweat resistant too. How come I know so much about hair root cover up products? I will not say it is because I grow annoying, thick streaks of white hair even I am just 31 years old…which is a cruel fact! After test so many hair line powder products, Sevich is a good option, I was first attracted by their how-to-apply video, which is the following one.

It is a short video which I get fully understand how to use cover up powder, and I kind of fall into it. I mean load up a small puff with powder and gently press down into roots, starting from scalp and avoid sweeping motion. Is not it great? Is not is more controllable?

As for cover up powder, another great product is slightly different from Sevich, WOW color has equipped a brush for easy application, which is also more expensive than those mentioned two, and I can understand that, because their brush is very handy in applying powder and I absolutely love them.

Another tip for cover up power usage, if your hair is really clean, this may not stick, it works better on second day after hair wash when your root is a bit oily. Well, if you just have your hair washed and want to apply powder for cover up, use some hair gel before apply the powder, and you will not be disappointed.

What about 2 in 1 thickening powder?

It is not bad with brush built-in powder holder, this makes it easier to gear up powder. According to my personal experience and those reviews, it did cover gray hair as promised but it will make your hair dry, and sometimes messy. Yeah, you hear me, messy. Personally, I am good with hair with no shine, so I am good with this product. And in fact, it is my second favorite cover up tool. I can grab it in pocket, handbag or makeup bag, easily get root covered in a few minutes, like the five minutes before my dish is served while eating outside. it feels great when I get out of wash room with perfect hair and seeing my food has just been served.

2 in 1 thickening powder

Color Touch Up Frequency Slowed by 3 to 4 Weeks

I used to dye my hair very often, like once a month, because of rapid growing gray hair and my weirdly shaped hairline, now I have successfully reduced my salon visits to two months a time as I started to use hair root cover up powder. Sisters, they can be used to reshape your hairline too, changing hair line is made as easy as changing hair style.

Reshape Your Hairline

I used to dream that a fairy godmother would appear and grant me three wishes to make me more good-looking, I wonder that every one of you have the same dream as I do. LOL. One of my three wishes is to have Olivia Palermo’s glamorously glossy mane. You can learn that how obsessed I am with a good-looking hairline. Before I have enough of courage and money to do laser hair removal, root touch-up is my best option so far.

Olivia Palermo's glamorously glossy mane and perfect hairline

All in all, my top option is Sevich and my second choice is 2 in 1 thickening powder, and I also find brands like L oreal and other hot ones very reliable, you must take your using habits into consideration. Well, in this difficult time, shop online is a good choice to protect yourself. As colorist, Nikki Ferrara says the key to finding the perfect tool kit right now is accessibility. I totally agree with her.

Sevich hairline cover up powder is available at, which is a very nice online store for yoga apparel and beauty product. And another good news is Yooooga offers 10% off for new customers who sign up for newsletter, Act quick!

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