Best Examples on Transform Yoga Wear to Street Clothes

Everyone agrees on the fact that people exercises more often than ever before, it is also true that people shop for active wear more than ever before. According to statistic assessed by Allied Market Research, as of 2019, one out of four apparel Canadians buy is active wear. The number is still growing, A report by Market Research Future anticipates the market to surpass US$842 billion by 2028.

Wearing yoga clothes in public is quite common nowadays. With a few tricks, it is easy to transform yoga wear into outfit you can wear outside studios, like a brunch date after yoga session, picking up kids after school or even wear them to office. Read on to get 5 ideas on dressing up yoga clothes, they are classic combination of year apparel and casual clothes.

1. Yoga tank with high waisted jeans

Yoga tank top is perhaps the most daily-clothes-resemble piece, pairing them with high waisted jeans make the perfect casual style in summer. Most yoga wear are made from moisture wicking, buttery soft material, making them super comfotable to wear. Classic white and black tanks are crowd favorate and they never go wrong, pick high waisted jeans from light blue to dark blue to black will always work.

2. Yoga bra with high waisted jeans

Sometime, people like to wear sports bra instead of regular bra as they are more comfortable. Sports bra style varies from style, color, fabric to impact levels. For daily style, I recommend style black, while or heather grey yoga bra with jeans.

3. Keep your yoga pants on and change your tops to boyfriend shirts

Yoga leggings are top choice for many people, and it has nothing to do with the exercise, but everything to do with comfort. Throw on a oversized shirts / boyfriend shirts, making a perfect outfit for errands in town.

4. Yoga leggings with hoodie

Hoodie with yoga pants, this is a magic combination. Hoodies of almost any color or any styles, pairing perfectly with tight leggings. The most comfortable pair for cold weathers.

5. Jacket / Cardigan with black leggings

Denim or leather jacket with black leggings, this is classic. So many KOL follow this idea in street shots. This is not only working on tall slim girls, works perfect on women not so tall as well.

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