Best Budget Breathable Leggings for Travel and Casual Wear

A lot of people wear leggings nowadays. And it has nothing to do with the exercise, but everything to do with comfort. I bet this is the exact description of your case.

In summer days, heat and humidity are get in the way of almost all activities. A pair of breathable, comfort, stretchable and light leggings is an option every female can not resist. If that pair of leggings is within budget, this making things even better.

We have selected 6 best breathable leggings that are moisture wicking, super soft, four way stretchable, aiming to help you equip your activewear wardrobe to handle the hot days of the year. The key thing is, they are all made from light weight or medium weight material, as well as pass non-see-thru squat test. All breathable leggings are sold at affordable price but with premium quality. Let’s begin.

1. Best full length leggings: High Waist Grey Yoga Pants

Heather grey is the most versatile color next to black and white. We like this pair of grey yoga pants they are versatile to style with and super comfortable that you will not want to take them off. Unlike black leggings, light colored leggings are more practical options in summer time. 

Additionally, this pair of grey yoga pants have standard thickness, neither too thick nor too thin. They remain non-see-thru even after sweaty workouts. Its moisture wicking material ensures comfortable wearing experience all the time.

2. Best 7/8 length leggings: Light Green 7/8 Leggings

Our most loved ankle length leggings in the collection. There are quite many reasons shoppers love this pair of light green leggings. Made from solid 220 GSM material, comes with beautiful solid army green color, and they are thin but supportive.

Another best thing about these leggings is its no front seam design, helping to prevent cameltoe. With simplistic classic design, these leggings make a great piece for both indoor and outdoor outfit.

3. Best capri leggings: Dark Grey Capri Leggings

If you are one that sweats a lot in the summer months, capri leggings are perhaps the best choice for you as they allow for more skin exposure. These pair of capri leggings not only add a little bit of breathability for its capri length, but also help you to make a good fashion statement. Its wide waistband ensures snug fit, full coverage and not falling down during walking. 

The chiffon and spandex mixed material here is moisture wicking, compressive and supportive. Combined with high waisted design, these capri leggings are perfect for running, yoga, Pilates and other workouts in summer time.

4. Best for casual wear: Navy Blue Flare Yoga Pants

Flare leggings are easy to style up with a t-shirt, tank top to transform you from yoga class to a brunch date. This pair of budget-friendly wide leg pants features high waist and long length design, creating a very flattering silhouette. Pair them with a short sleeve shirts or tank top works perfectly as casual dress code.

This pair of wide leg pants are not made from thick material, though it comes with extra long wide legs, the fabric is breathable. If you are not staying out side all day, it is ok to wear them in warmer weather days.

It is a stylish piece to add to your wardrobe for visual illusion of butt lifting and longer legs it brings.

5. Best leggings with pocket: High Waist Yoga Pants with Three Pockets in Coffee Bean

If you choose this pair of yoga pants in coffee bean color, you are capable to carry your keys, cards, cash and even cell phone in it because they come with three pockets. They are perfect for long running routine and running small errands if you do not want to carry a handbag.

Deep brown color is very cute and more refreshing than common black leggings. Pair it with violet, while or other light colored tops works brilliantly. 

High waist design ensures snug fit and prevent leggings from falling down. Buttery soft fabric makes it very comfortable to wear, you will want to wear them while working out, traveling or staying at home.

6. Best compression leggings: Full Length Yoga Pants with Pockets

This pair of full length leggings come with two side pockets, also a good option for carrying small staffs. But its biggest feature is its compression material. For intense exercises like HIIT, weight lifting, dancing, leggings made from compression fabric offer extra support for muscles by exerting increased pressure on muscles and in this way to promote blood flow. Also, they are four way stretchable, making it the best choice for heavy workouts.

These leggings come in a variety of colors and they are good to style with. Being comfortable while feeling supported, I do not see any reason why you should no

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