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  1. The Basics – A Lot of People Have Flat Feet, What is Flat Feet?
  2. The Injuries Caused By Flat Feet – Pain In Lower Back, Knee, Hip And Else
  3. Possible Solutions Available – Stretch, Insole, And Etc
  4. The Best Solution For Long Term Comfort – Adding Arch Support Insole for Flat Feet
  5. Three Factors To Consider When Buying Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet
  6. Conclusion

To start with my own story: I am born with flat feet and I used to think this is how feet are supposed to look like. I do not remember the exact time when I started to feel pain in feet, knee, hip and lower back, so I went to see a doctor and the not-young not-very-old male doctor told me that surgery is the only option to solve my issue-providing arch support for my flat feel.

“What kind of surgery?” I asked, “well, basically, I am going to install seven or eight nails around your arch, ankle to lift your arch and make both arches supportive.” he said. I was freak out and refused his offer. If I have metals inside my body, every time I pass a security door it will ring a bell, that is terrible, people will watch me as if I have hide something or I am a terrorist. LOL.

If you have flat feet as I do, scroll down, I will walk you through all the information you need to know and come with a few appliable solutions.

Basics about Flat Feet

Flat feet, also been called fallen arches or iron feet, is a common condition where the foot lacks a normal arch, which causes the entire arch to flatten and touch the ground. Affecting many people, flat feet can be hereditary or may simply develop, caused by various reasons like genetics, use of footwear in childhood, obesity, and several others, over the course of a person’s lifetime. Then, what are symptoms of flat feet?

basic info about flat feet

Symptoms – Pain in Ankle, Hips, Knees, Lower Back and else

Chances are flexible flat feet are asymptomatic, and do not cause pain. In these cases, there is usually no reason for concern. In other cases, people with flat feet often notice that their feet tire quickly. Some people, like I do, experience pain in the arches or heels, ankle, knee and back pain as a result of the skeletal misalignment that often occurs when the foot flattens. Apart from feeling pain in many parts of my body, I find my overpromotion feet very ugly and I often feel shame to show people my feet, especially in some situations when I have to do so.

pain caused by unsupport atch of flat feet

The arches of your feet play a pretty important role in every step you take. People with flat feet still have arches, the problem is their arches cannot provide enough support to maintain balance when standing or running. That is why adding extra support for your arch is an effective way to relief pain caused by flat feet.

How to Fix Flat Feet?

There are multiple ways to relieve pain caused by flat feet, including:

  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Properly supporting your Arches

This does not mean you have to choose one over the other, the best way is trying all three methods together.

I will get detail introduction of how exercise help relief flat feet pain in my next blog, and today I am gonna focus on how to finding properly supporting for flat feet. For long term comfort, adding a pair of arch supportive insoles to your footwear is your best option. Take a look at the following picture – BEFORE vs AFTER. Your body act very differently with or without enough arch support.

arch support for flat feet help maitain body balance

Buying Guide for Arch Supportive Insoles for Flat Feet

Buying insoles can get really confusing. While facing various kinds of insoles, it can be really difficult to figure out which pair is the most helpful. Well, according to my over five years’ experience in wearing arch support insole, there are three factors to considering before make a decision.

  • Flexibility: should you pick firm and supportive insole over soft and shock-absorb insole? YES. Although flexible insole will be more comfortable when you are doing daily activities or working out. However, firm and supportive insole is better in keeping your body balanced, because they provide firm support which is the most import reason of adopting an insole. They also have proper structural alignment in order to prevent any injuries to your feet.
  • The correct size: If the insole is too large or too small, it will not fit your feet properly and cannot provide the support you need. Remember to stick to your shoe size while picking your insole. You will feel extra material inside your shoe if the insole is too big. It is worse if the insole is too small for you. In either case, you will not get enough arch support you need.
  • The proper volume: this is the most important thing among all three. There are high-volume, medium -volume and low-volume insoles options. If you planning on using it for high-impact activities, such as workout, then you should get high-volume insoles because they offer more support. For workday usage, low-column is better and will make you feel more comfortable.


Fix flat feet and relief pain caused by flat feet can be really difficult if you have zero experience. To be conclusive, if this is your first pair of insoles, you do not have to buy high-priced custom-made insoles as your first pair, the best insoles for flat feet are the ones with following features:

Not very large volume but firm supportive arch: pick a pair made from firm material instead of soft material such as silicone, gel or foam. What you need from them is providing strong support to keep your body balanced when standing.

Listen, if you have flat feet, wearing a right pair of arch support insole can yields tremendous results than you ever expect. Exceptional footwear can change lives. As myself has suffered from flat feet for over 30 years, finding flat feet support insoles that delivered comfort and durability is the utmost important task in my whole life, they transform my footwear so you can walk better, feel better, live better.

Let me know if you need further assistance in dealing with flat feet, just leave your comment below or email me at support@casejohn,com with my name included in your words – Holmes W., and I am going to write another blog to share my experience of how exercise help relief flat feet pain in lower back soon, looking forward to see you soon.

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