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Pros and Cons of Steady State Cardio for Fat Loss

Pros and Cons of Steady state cardio for Fat Loss

What is Steady State Cardio? Steady state cardio is aerobic exercise maintaining low to moderate intensity that can be sustained for an extended period. By low to moderate intensity, it is measured by heart rate, ranging from 50% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. According to researches, an accurate estimation for max heart rate can […]

Eye Yoga 101: Benefits, Science Behind, and A Beginner’s How-To

Eye Yoga 101: Benefits, Science Behind, and A Beginner’s How-To

Index: Even through the COVID-19 outbreak is over, the number of people working from home has increased dramatically all over the world, and this new style of remote work has seen more of us spending enormous amounts of time staring at all sorts of screens with very few breaks. As a matter of fact, about 70% […]

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn? How Yoga Contribute to Weight Loss?

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn

Many people’s first impression to this question – how many calories does yoga burn is not much. As there’s a common misconception about yoga being a lower intensity excise that doesn’t burn much calories to the extent that other workouts do. As a matter of fact, it’s very common for yogis to feel that they […]



Everyone can benefits from getting on your mat and doing some yoga stretch poses. Whether you are looking  for stiffness relief after a long day at office, or trying to find ways to prevent workout injury, practicing yoga stretch poses will help you accomplish your goals. Preparation of practicing stretch pose? Should I hold stretch […]

4 Yoga Poses to Help Lose Weight for Beginners

4 yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners

There is a good research that doing yoga help people better manage stress and weight. Today I am gonna introduce 4 yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners, even you are a newbie,  you can learn very fast and put into practice. Can doing yoga help you lose weight? The answer is yes. Doing […]

A Yoga Meditation to Connect to Power – Yoga Meditation Facts and Poses

a yoga meditation to connect to power

Index What is yoga meditation – how a yoga meditation to connect to power How yoga mediation is gonna benefits you? Inspiring Facts about Meditations 6 poses for yoga meditation What is yoga meditation? A yoga meditation to connect to power. Yoga Meditation helps you achieve mental relaxation and concentration. Technically, meditation is a part of […]

5 Steps to Do Breathing Exercise for Stress Relief

5 Steps to Do Breathing Exercise for Stress Relief

Many yoga beginners ask the same question, how to breath during yoga practice? Does it help to do breathing exercise for stress relief? In short words, breath in slowly and exhale slowly. This is the basic rule of yogic breathing, and continuous practice of slow breathe appears to largely boost your performance and relieve pain […]

Shopping Guide for Flare Yoga Pants, Link Included

Why buying flare yoga pants? Needless to say, you have grow some interests in flare yoga pants and are looking for shopping tips on flare leggings, otherwise you will not be reading me.  Wide leg yoga pants are relatively harder to find than normal yoga leggings, still, they are out there, yoga apparel manufactures make […]

My Tips for Making Washing Yoga Sports Bra Easier

You know the importance of a good sports bra for yoga practice, which makes washing sports bra become an important task. Some yogis tend to wash sports bra after two or three wear, well, this is depend on you. Me, for instance, i will hang my sports bra without washing after i sweat little for some […]

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Yoga Performance Permanently

While many casual yoga practitioners out there solely use yoga as a weekly exercise and stress reliever, there are many reasons to take your practice to the next level and push your limits further. For the most part, sticking to the basics for too long and avoiding more advanced moves can actually be detrimental for your practice and your body in the long term.

5 Inspirations for Yoga tops


What makes a good piece of yoga tops? There are literally thousands of yoga tops vying for your attention after a single Google search. Many yogis share great spirit in extending their body, while wearing the most comfortable yoga apparel. Some prefer tighter styles because their yoga tops will not ride up when your arms […]

Mesh Cutout Leggings that Have Everything You Want from Yoga Pants

Black High Waist See Thru Yoga Pants of 2020

Apart from basic yoga legging style, print pattern yoga pants and mesh cutout leggings are the most popular styles people buy for their yoga practice. I used to wear basic yoga pants style every now and then, now I prefer mesh cutout leggings more than ever before. It is like you finding yourself longing for […]

What is Moisture Wicking Fabric?

Long Sleeve Workout Shirts detail

Index: What is moisture wicking fabric? First things first, what is moisture wicking fabric? As its name indicates, moisture wicking is used to describe fabric that with the ability to pull moisture away from your skin using small, built-in capillaries. Moisture wicking relies on capillary action. While moving sweats away so it can evaporate and […]

9 People You Get in Every Yoga Class

1. The super-flexible yoga show-off: 2. The one who can’t do any of the moves: 3. The camel toe: 4. The token man: 5. The much older lady putting everyone else to shame: 6. The heavy breather: 7. The injured person: 8. The relaxed person who makes it all look so easy: 9. The sexy teacher who makes everyone slightly uncomfortable: