Are Yoga Sports Bra Supposed to Be Hard to Put On and Off?

In my opinion, yoga sport bras should not be hard to put on and off. However, in reality, some sports bra styles could be very difficult to put on, especial when you are in a hurry.

What kind of sports bras are relatively easier to put on?

Check this two styles, do you see what they have in common? Yes, they have zip or hook close, either in the front or back. These yoga sports bras are similar to regular intimate wear, pull down a zip or open its hook, put on and close, done.

Sporst bra with hooks on its back
Sports bra with zip on its front

Again, check these styles, no zip, no hook, you have to put your head through and your shoulders afterwards. This becomes twice difficult as much as when you are sweating, lol. I hate it every time I took off my Flow Sports Bra (my very first yoga sports bra, bought from Lululemon) after yoga practice, tough experience every time. 

Take the right one for instance, it is designed for light support thus it is relatively easier to put on, once it is in place you will feel quite comfortable.

Spoers bra with no hools, no zips
Sports bra with simple style

Well, I got to say, some sports bra are worth the trouble to spend a few minutes to put them on as they have every good design, say this push-up sports bra, once you pick the right size, it looks amazing putting it on.

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