5 Inspirations for Yoga tops

What makes a good piece of yoga tops?

There are literally thousands of yoga tops vying for your attention after a single Google search. Many yogis share great spirit in extending their body, while wearing the most comfortable yoga apparel. Some prefer tighter styles because their yoga tops will not ride up when your arms are raised high, and will not fall down when your are upside down. Some prefer loose fit style, a tie front yoga tank top is very comfortable and cute to wear. What make a good piece of yoga top? There are several factors to consider:

✓ Good Quality Fabric: light weight or medium weight, moisture-wicking, stretchable fabric make good fabric for yoga apparel;

✓ Comfortable to Wear: a good piece of yoga apparel made from breathable quick-dry fabric helps wick moisture away, also provides max comfort and mobility. An ideal yoga top is soft, silky, comfy, lightweight, stretchy to wear throughout the day and for workouts, running, gym, yoga, training and etc.

✓ No Tearing: a good piece of yoga top should have stitch that is neat and compact to prevent tearing.

✓ Design: yoga tops varies from style to style, to mention just a few, there are 5 styles yogis like the most and they are, yoga tank tops, strappy yoga bra, yoga sweatshirts, yoga shirts, yoga hoodie.

Why not wearing yoga tank tops?

You can hardly find a reason not to wear yoga tank tops above yoga sports bra. Just imagine, flow through yoga practice in a tank top that’s so cute and comfortable, you won’t want to take it off after. The best yoga tanks take care of your body and sets a good layer for your sports bra, it is a good option if you want an extra layer.

Take this yoga tank tops as an example, it is easily to match with all kinds of different yoga bottoms, yoga tank and high waist leggings with all lengths. Its length sits at mid hip, perfect length for cover up. If you are a fan for slimmer style, this is not your option.

Try strappy sports bra, you will not regret.

As for yoga sports bra, I strongly recommend strappy sports bra style, strappy sports bra provide you with medium support during exercise, it makes you look stylish with its crisscross strap details. The seamless design with moisture-wicking fabric makes this bra very comfortable even during the sweatiest workout.

If you are new to purchase strappy sports bra, crisscross back strappy sports bra is absolutely a perfect choice. Take a look of front, nothing special? Right. Wow, its crisscross back is so beautiful that I can not resist at all.

Yoga sweatshirts are best for lounge wear

Long sleeve workout shirts are good options for lounge wear in spring or autumn days. Yoga sweatshirts with a little extra design fits well with leggings, this is my favorite overall look for weekends at home.

This long sleeve workout shirts features slim fit and side folding wrinkle design, perfect to cover up for yoga bras and stay warm on cool days. also a good option for low impact workouts. Long sleeve workout shirts go well with joggers, yoga pants of all lengths, check out our model show video for inspiration.

Yoga shirts with either long or short sleeves

A good yoga shirts either with long or short sleeves make a perfect yoga top for mild yoga classes. I love durable yoga shirts that i can wear a long time without concern. For all things considered, scoop neck yoga shirts are most popular among all yoga shirts styles.

This short sleeve yoga tee is the most money worth piece when comes to buying yoga tops, its not-so-loose fit design makes it very comfortable to wear, and a perfect cover for yoga bra before class. It will be your new basic style in closet.

Yoga hoodie – best for chill days

Cozy, comfortable, loose fit yoga sweatshirts are my best option for lounge wear. If you are troubled with what to wear outside yoga sports bra on your way to yoga studio or on your way back home, yoga sweatshirts are a good choice. This is especially in cold days, you might want a warm, comfortable yoga cover-up like sweatshirt that protect you from immediate chill after leaving a warm room.

Why so many fans love our long sleeve yoga hoodie? Because being made from most soft, high quality GSM 220G fabric, this yoga sweatshirt is not only cozy but also a perfect piece to layer over your yoga top, giving you a little extra warm and coverage.

In the end

As an active person, i like yoga, swimming, boxing and other sports very much, I get so much fun doing sports. While doing workouts, my most concern is workout apparel. Wearing comfortable, fit yoga apparel allows me for better workout performance.

Yoga is different from other workout forms, yoga is all about connecting to your body and inside spirit, that is to say, whether your yoga apparel is good or not so good, it is all up to you. As long as you are feeling good, wear any kind of yoga apparel you like 🙂   

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