4 Yoga Poses to Help Lose Weight for Beginners

There is a good research that doing yoga help people better manage stress and weight. Today I am gonna introduce 4 yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners, even you are a newbie,  you can learn very fast and put into practice.

Can doing yoga help you lose weight?

The answer is yes. Doing yoga can help burn calories. A study conducted by Harvard W. Corner shows incorporating yoga in daily routine meanwhile pay attention to what you eat will see a good result in losing weight. 

A lot of people have a vigorous impression about yoga practice, thinking yoga is all about stretch. Actually, doing yoga is not that easy, it helps build your muscle tone and strength too. My yoga coach used to say yoga help you build a better version of you.

Many experts agree that yoga practice is a fast and reliable way to bring about your best weight. There are a number of different way to help you lose weight, however, practicing yoga is the most fruitful way as it helps with both mental and physical health, and better your breath and sleep everyday.

Can yoga help you lose belly fat?

Losing belly fat is not an easy task. For those who have tried many other ways trying to lose belly fat and failed, yoga is a good option. Take myself as an example, I see noticeable weight loss within two months and also find myself feeling rejuvenated after each yoga class.

There is no doubt that losing fat is a tough task, especially belly fat. Doing yoga alone will not change much on your weight if you are not eat the right diet. Yoga combined with a balanced diet which will double your efforts on slimming your waist. Doing yoga not only help you lose belly fat but also boost your metabolism and power up your core area to eliminate stubborn belly fat and prevent further abdominal fat from accumulating. 

There is a hot topic on quota – what happens if you do yoga everyday for a month? Many people shared a before-after photo of themselves, which is quite inspiring. With yoga practice day by day, you will be able to feel your body changes, from shape to muscle tone. Growing confidence and become more passion about yoga. 

Why am I not losing weight doing yoga?

Some people ask me why yoga is not helping me lose weight? I am doing yoga everyday and not losing weight, why is that? There are multiple reasons why yoga is not helping you lose weight, perhaps you should take a moment to review your diet, lifestyle and physical and psychological conditions. 

  • Being deprived of sleep a lot and feel stress a lot are common reason for not losing weight.
  • Eat too much is definitely a reason for not losing weight when practice yoga.
  • Beware of hidden sugar, fat in your daily diet.
  • Doing yoga for less than half an hour a day.

If your answer to any of the above mentioned question is yes, you should start to correct your diet or lifestyle to make your efforts on doing yoga count. If your goal is to lose weight by practicing yoga.

Yoga may not be the quickest way to lose weight, is it definitely an efficient way to burn fat, yogis who find yourself not losing weight after weeks of regular yoga practice should get back to review your daily diet and lifestyle. I am sure you will find the reason or reasons behind not losing weight.

4 yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners

If you do not want to hit the gym then yoga is always a good option. All you need is a place where you can lay down your yoga mat. Is not that simple? I believe so. In the following paragraph I am going to introduce 4 yoga pose to help lose weight for beginners. For those who has began practice yoga for a while, I believe you have your own way on finding the right yoga pose to help lose weight.


Plank is a classic pose, I have been practicing plank even before I get to know yoga, and I bet many of you experience the same. Plank is one of the best poses to strength your core area. Do not look down this pose, the longer you hold, the more sweat you have.

plank pose - yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners

Downward facing dog pose

I can not live a day without doing downward facing dog pose, one of the reasons is because it helps relax my hamstring and strength my abdominal area, arms, back and thighs too. Remember, do not forget to breath, breath is the key to burn your fat. Refer to this article for more details on how to do downward facing dog pose.

downward facing dog pose - yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners

Bridge pose

Bridge pose is a relatively easy pose, but is a efficient pose to burn fat. As the action to put your chest near your chin will gently massage the thyroid gland to produce this metabolism-regulating hormone.

bridge pose - yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners

Bow pose

Bow pose is kind of like the opposite of bridge pose. If you are looking for a quick way to burn belly fat, this is the pose you should do everyday. Bow pose find its way to massage abdominal organs to improve digestion.

bow pose - yoga poses to help lose weight for beginners
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