4 Styles of Squat Proof Yoga Leggings

If you go through amazon platform you will find thousands of yoga leggings on sell, through a brief glance, what do you find? They look almost the same with most of them claim to be a “Lulu dupe”. Is this true? A pair of Lululemon align yoga leggings cost around $98, will any of them make a good replacement for Lululemon but cost one third of price? Probably. 

Let us think this question from the other side, what do we want from yoga leggings? We love Lululemon align yoga leggings without doubt. Why? Because they are made of buttery soft material, they are compressive and just have the right amount of stretch. The most important thing is, they are squat proof, no one will see your inside after sweaty workout.

Today I am going to introduce 4 styles of high waist squat proof yoga leggings which will not cost you a fortune but rest assured that they do their job just right. The key factor that makes a pair of squat proof yoga leggings lies in the fabric. Then what kind of fabric makes good yoga leggings?

The material has to have the right thickness, too thick, of course, it will be squat proof, but less moisture wicking too. The thick the fabric, the heavy it will be. Usually we use GSM to describe fabric weight. According to wikipedia, GSM stands for grams per square meter, the higher GSM, the heavier the fabric is. Fabric type and the way it has been woven will affect GSM value. Generally speaking, higher GSM value means denser fabric.

When it comes to yoga leggings, which GSM fabric should you pick? GSM 220g fabric is perfect for making yoga leggings, this medium-weight fabric has the right thickness and is super stretchable, stays absolutely opaque during workout. Here I am going to recommend 4 styles of high waist squat proof yoga leggings, they are stylish, has flattering designs, I do not see why you are not give them a try.

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